The Silver Mushroom Story

How it all began

After buying my first home, a country cottage in the small Lancastrian village where I grew up, I
became enthusiastic about surrounding myself with things that I love. So in 2011 I started Silver
Mushroom, selling a selection of carefully chosen kitchen and homeware items online, from my
bedroom. In 2014, my younger sister Emmie joined me on my journey, bringing her added flair for
design, experience with social media and giving me someone to bounce ideas off.


Rebecca Kane


Emmie Brookman


Our Vibe

I strongly believe a home should be a sanctuary and a place where you truly love to spend time.
I’m also passionate about filling a home with beautiful, good quality things that will last. Buying
cheap, disposable items for the home is just as irresponsible as fast fashion. So we work hard to
bring you brands and items that are created responsibly, are well crafted and won’t date. That
way you won’t need to regularly replace them. All resulting in a home that uniquely reflects your

What You’ll Find

A carefully curated selection of quality homeware items ranging from well-known names to more
niche brands. As the kitchen is the heart of our home, it features heavily. You’ll find casserole
dishes and jars for your foodie projects, soft furnishings, bedding and towels, beautiful candles
and diffusers as well as a selection of items for the little ones in your life. We constantly review
our collections, and based on customer feedback we expand what we sell as your needs and
homes grow. So be sure to tell us what you’re looking for.

The Silver Mushroom Way

It’s a family affair, you might hear my toddler daughter in the background when you call us, our
mum has a say in what we do and while we don’t package every order on the kitchen table
anymore we know that everything we stock has been chosen with our family in mind and hope
yours will love it too.
Living out in the Lancashire countryside has given us a love of nature and we strive to protect the
environment in everything we do, from choosing the brands we work with to finding packaging
that will keep your purchases safe in transit without harming the planet.

From our home to yours,
Rebecca x