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Creamy Campfire Cocktail

Creamy campfire cocktail
Allow us to introduce to you, wintery, christmassy goodness in a glass. This cocktail is creamy, tasty, fun to make, stunning to look at and best of all… you guessed it, ridiculously easy! Has anybody else noticed a pattern to our recent blogs? We love a simple recipe. 
This cocktail is ideal for whipping up something festive when those unexpected guests pop over. We plan on sipping on this delish winter cocktail whilst decorating our home for Christmas this year. And by that we mean Becky will be sipping her Campfire Cocktail whilst lounging on the sofa watching Judd Law perform Mr. Napkin Head in The Holiday whilst Emmie sips hers whilst decorating the tree. Just kidding, (sort of). 
This Winter Cocktail recipe is a wonderful concoction of marshmallows, milk, baileys and vodka. All whipped up in our beautiful Smoke Tumblers, grab yours here. We personally love the simplicity of the creamy drink against the signature Smoke tint, stunning! You could make this drink in any of our stunning tumblers, take a look at our collection here
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Creamy campfire cocktailINGREDIENTS (Serves One)
  • 1 standard marshmallow
  • 1 tbsp biscuit crumbs, we use Lotus biscuits
  • 30ml Vodka
  • 60ml Milk
  • 1 Tbsp Chocolate Syrup 
  • 60ml Baileys
  • Ice to serve
  1. Heat up a small pan, once hot toast your marshmallows until golden and browned.
  2. Rim your Smoke Tumbler with chocolate syrup, we encourage a few drips here, so don’t be shy. Dip immediately into your biscuit crumbs.
  3. In your Silver Mushroom Cocktail Shaker combine the ice, vodka and Bailey’s and shake well to combine. The longer the better here, you want the mixture to be freezing cold. 
  4. Place 2/3 ice cubes in your glass, strain the liquor mixture over the top, fill the rest of the glass with milk, top with your toasted marshmallow & serve. 

We hope you enjoy this delicious, creamy, winter cocktail recipe. Let us know in the comments if you give this recipe a try!

Creamy campfire cocktail


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3 thoughts on “Creamy Campfire Cocktail

  1. Karen Royston says:

    Please can you send me the recipe x

    1. Hi Karen,

      The recipe is in this blog if you scroll down!
      Hope this helps 🙂


    2. Hi Karen,

      The recipe is in this blog if you scroll down!
      Hope this helps


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