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Our Top 5 Autumn Scented Candles 2021

Our Top 5 Autumn Scented Candles
We have been excited to write this blog for the last few months, one of our favourite things in life is a deliciously scented candle, another of our favourite things is autumn. Combine the two and you get the most scrumptious, musky, caramel-esk scented candles you ever did smell. 
Before you read on, we strongly suggest you make yourself a simple yet tasty PSL (recipe here), pop on your cosiest chunky-knit sweater and snuggle down somewhere comfy. If you’re ready to dive head first into autumn then take a peek at our autumn edit here
We recently asked our lovely followers over on Instagram what their favourite thing about autumn was, one of the most popular answers was rich autumnal candles and scents. So what better way to give the people what they want than to round up our favourite autumn scented candles? 

The Science Behind the Smells

By now it’s uncommon for a household to be candle-less, they have become and integral part of our household, a part of the ‘furniture’ so to speak. But why is it that we love adding scents to our home so much? Well, think no further, we have the answer.
Have you ever walked past a bakery and been instantly taken back to a past memory, or smelt a certain perfume and been reminded of a person or time in your life? This is because scents bypass the area in the brain called the thalamus who’s job is to relay motor and sensory signals and go straight to the brains ‘smell centre’, aka the olfactory bulb. They then pass to a part of the brain called the amygdala, the place where our emotions are given meaning, remembered and attached to associations, immediately triggering detailed memories and intense emotions. Cool huh?
Let’s begin..

1. Hello Fall Soy Candle

Our all time favourite autumnal candle is the ‘Hello Fall Soy Candle’. First of all, you just can’t go wrong with an amber glass number when it comes to candles, they look perfect in every room and every style. Secondly, this baby is Vegan, non-toxic, non-GMO and cruelty free, so you can enjoy the delicious scent guilt free. 

With a burn time of 40+ hours, you can enjoy the scrumptious scent notes of hot cider, cinnamon, cloves, apples and nutmeg for longer. This beautiful candle is jam packed with scent and won’t overpower your nose, we call it the scent to wax balance an it’s sure got it right. 

You can shop our Hello Fall candle here, for just £16.95. 

hello fall soy candle

2. Cinnamon Rolls Soy Candle

Another dreamy autumn candle is our ‘Cinnamon Rolls Soy Candle’. This candle has all the lovely features of it’s sister candle listed above (Hello Fall Candle) but with a slightly different set of scent notes. 

This Cinnamon Rolls Soy Candle will fill your home with aromas of rich cinnamon, creamy icing & buttery pastry, so your home will smell like you have just whipped up a fresh batch of delicious cinnamon rolls, it doesn’t get much better than this!

You can shop our Hello Fall candle here, for just £16.95. 

Cinnamon Rolls Soy Candle - Autumn Edit

3. Broste Mandarin and Vanilla Scented Candle

This creamy little candle packs a divine autumnal-scent punch. Milky white in colour and made from vegan soy wax this candle from Scandi brand Broste Copenhagen will fill your home with the aroma of sweet mandarin and vanilla pods. For a true seasonal scent, we love this Mandarin and Vanilla scented candle. 

You can shop our Mandarin and Vanilla candle here, for just £10.95. 

Mandarin and Vanilla

4. Broste Bright Sky Candle

This autumnal scented candle is sure to bring a little luxury to your home this season. With a delicate scent of autumn florals this candle not only smells beautiful but looks the part too. With it’s unique ceramic glazed pot this candle replicates a deep autumn evening sky! All wrapped up in a craft paper gift tube, this candle makes for the perfect gift, or treat for yourself.

You can shop our Bright Sky candle here, for just £23.95. 

Broste Bright Sky candle

5. Blomus Fraga Extra Large Fig Scented Candle in Rose Dust

Our final pick for our all time favourite autumn candles is this giant beauty from Blomus. Nn a stunning dusty pink concrete pot this soy candle features three wicks for triple the scent power. Not only does this candle look beautiful but it boats undertones of rich fig with main scent notes of herbs and a deep woody aroma. It creates a perfectly harmonious composition, airy, light and deliciously autumnal. 

You can shop our Blomus Fig candle here, for just £23.45. 

Blomus Fig Candle

We hope you’ve enjoyed this autumnal candle round up, we are so excited about the upcoming season. We’d love to know your thoughts on our favourite scented candles, let us know in the comments below!

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