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Top 6 Things to Look Forward to in Summer

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Spring is officially here. The days are longer, the weather is warmer and that thick winter coat can once again return to the back of the wardrobe, next to your hat and gloves.

Don’t get me wrong – spring is great! I mean, rabbits, chocolate and daffodils, what’s not to like?

But remember, the summer months are just around the corner and with this time of year comes lots of seasonal novelties, it’s a time for ice cream, long walks and water fights in the street, here are 6 things to get you through those March winds and April showers.


It’s time to dig out that floral shirt and those John Lennon glasses because festival season is nearly upon us. The hum of the electronic dance music lingers on the evening’s warm breeze and the lights of the ferris wheel begin to twinkle as the sun drops behind the main stage. Get ready for a magical summer night as you dance under the moonlight’s glow, sipping a daiquiri and listening to dulcet melody of your favourite indie band.

Silver Mushroom’s Top Pick: Kendal Calling.

Kendal Calling: Does a music festival belong in the peaceful Cumbrian  countryside?


The steaks are sizzling on the grill, the lagers are sitting on ice and the kids are playing in the paddling pool – ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Great British BBQ.

Invite all your family and friends round this summer to celebrate the summer solstice. Throw your burgers, sausages and kebabs on the ‘barbie’ and sit back with a Pimms, soaking up the midsummer sun. Why not style up your BBQ this year with the Viners 4PC BBQ Set in a Bag? Perfect for serving all of your favourite dishes ‘al fresco.’

BBQ Centre and Outdoor Living Showroom - Luton, Bedfordshire

The Seaside

There’s something beautifully tacky about the British seaside isn’t there?

Donkey rides along the beach, the dilapidated fairgrounds and walks along the pier whilst eating fish and chips. Granted, it’s no Lloret de Mar…or maybe it is?

Grab your bucket and spade and head down to your nearest seaside resort for some jellied eels and a good old fashioned ‘Chas & Dave’ style knees up!

Lose all your change in the arcades and lose all your chips to seagulls – it’s all part of the fun.

Silver Mushroom’s Top Pick: Brighton

Brighton 2021: Best of Brighton, England Tourism - Tripadvisor

Beer Gardens

Sunglasses on, pint in hand, what could be better? I’ll be honest, this is my favourite summertime activity. Those lazy, halcyon days sat around a wooden picnic bench in the garden of your local pub with your best mates.

The beer is flowing and the smell of burgers grilling wafts through the air, the drunken chatter provides entertaining background noise in the midst of a dreamy, summer haze.

Best Pubs with Beer Gardens in London | Garden Bars - Fuller's

Road Trips

Pile your mates into the car and drive. Who cares where you go? As long as the windows are down and the music is up. Take a picnic and an icebox full of cool beverages and set off down those winding country lanes. Get lost in the open fields and feel your hair blowing in the summer breeze as you speed through the hedgerows with roaring fields of daisies flashing by. Locate one of the UK’s many beauty spots to chill out and stay there while you prepare yourself for the long drive back, as dusk sets and brings in the warm summer evening.

Check out the best places to eat your picnic here.

Covid has changed many things – including my attitude to picnics | Picnics  | The Guardian


One of the Great British pastimes is surely camping? Remember your first ever camping experience? In the back garden of your parent’s house, sitting round a campfire toasting marshmallows and singing songs. Pack your tent, disposable BBQ and a few crates of beers and head out to the nearest field for a night under the stars. Wait for the sun to go down and sing some old-fashioned campfire songs in the moonlight before retiring to the tent for a well-earned rest.

We’ve found some very cool campsites here.

Camping bookings up 500% as UK campsites sell out for summer | The  Independent

Summer is arguably the best season of all. The weather brings out the best in everybody and there’s always so much to do. Make sure you’re prepared for those unexpected garden gatherings with our Palmero range.

Get ready for the ‘al fresco’ dining experience synonymous with the summer months and create the perfect accompanying cocktail served in these Kilner Vintage Handled Jars Set of 4. Or if you’re heading out for the day, why not pack all your essentials in the Kitchen Craft We Love Summer Four Person Fitted Family Picnic Basket.

The British summertime is often underestimated and pushed to the back in favour of foreign holiday destinations, but remember, there’s so much to do and see, so instead of wasting the glorious sunshine, why not go outside and spend your time in a dreamy, summer haze.

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