2 patterned cushions on an armchair.

Top 10 Patterned Cushions

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Every new addition to our site hopes to be an exciting one, but nothing excites us quite like our new lovely collection of cushions. Perhaps that's something we shouldn't admit... But we love farmhouse patterned cushions, and if you've found yourself here, we're sure you do too. 

From patterned scatter cushions, to textured neutral cushions, here are our top 10 patterned cushions from the 2024 collection.

1. Katharine Greige Striped Cushion 


Grey and cream striped cushion on wooden stool.


Named after one of our very own, the Katharine Greige Striped Cushion strikes with it's traditional ticking stripe design. The neutral palette and a tasseled edge makes this striped cushion a charmingly rustic addition to your country cottage style home.

2. Lucie Linen Pinstripe Ruffle Cushion


Lucie Linen Pinstripe Ruffle Cushion on a wooden bench.


The Lucie Linen Ruffle Cushion features a charming slate pinstripe pattern with a playful ruffle edge. This linen cushion is timeless and whimsical in equal measures, and is wonderfully versatile, looking as beautiful on a bedspread as in your nursery armchair.

3. Megan Checked Cotton Cushion


Checked cotton cushion on a sofa.

Megan Checked Cotton Cushion


The only thing better than a gorgeous checked cotton cushion, is one that has a matching throw blanket to match. Crafted from 100% cotton, this checked cushion and blanket throw set provide all the comfort whilst maintaining the cool on warmer days. Who said you can't be cosy in summer?

4. Beatrice Cotton Striped Cushion


Striped cushion and striped throw blanket on wooden bench.

Beatrice Cotton Striped Cushion


Whilst we're on the topic of lovely pairings, the Beatrice Cotton Striped Cushion has a buttery soft cotton throw blanket to match. The white and taupe pattern on this striped cotton striped cushion has a light, slightly feminine feel, which beautifully complements organic palettes and natural wood finishes.

5. Elowen Olive Striped Cushion 

Elowen Olive Striped Cushion

Elowen Olive Striped Cushion


Green seems to be the ever-returning colour of the season, and we couldn't love it more. The Elowen Olive Striped Cushion is the perfect way to add subtle green accents to your living spaces, bringing the colours of the outdoors, in. 

6. Maeve Country Gingham Cushion 


Brown and cream checkered cushion on wooden stool.

Maeve Country Gingham Cushion


Nothing says farmhouse charm like gingham, and our Maeve Country Gingham Cushion is no exception. Traditional in colour and style, this gingham cushion will look utterly inviting scattered along with others on a neutral sofa. 

7. Freya Brown Gingham Cushion


Brown and cream gingham cushion on wooden stool against a wooden wall.

Freya Brown Gingham Cushion


A country cottage home can never have too much gingham, and nor can our cushion collection. The Freya Brown Gingham Cushion takes inspiration from traditional gingham pattern, but in a more modern and chunky style. The flanged edge adds an extra layer of plush cosiness. 

8. Lily Textured White Cushion



Lily Textured White Cushion


Whilst we pride our whole cushion range on its versatility, the Lily Textured White Cushion is undeniably the perfect finishing touch to your bedspread. Paired with the matching white bedspread, this white cushion makes for a crisp, clean bed accessory.

9. Amy Cotton Cream Cushion


Cream and white stitch striped cushion on wooden stool against a stone wall.

Amy Cotton Cream Cushion


In super soft 100% cotton, the Amy Cotton Cream Cushion is feminine, with a coastal feel. The clean cream is the perfect base to lighten up any space, whilst the embroidered pattern adds an extra layer of visual interest. 

10. Oakleigh Knitted Cushion Cover 



Oakleigh Knitted Cushion Cover


Our beloved Oakleigh Knitted Cushion is one of our favourites, that we're sure will always be a part of our collection. The gorgeous yarn knitted cushion is crafted in a soothing colour, making it the perfect accompaniment for cosy corners. 


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