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How to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle

What is to live a sustainable lifestyle? Nowadays we have seen a lot of new emerging trends and ideas on how to be more eco friendly and sustainable but what does it actually mean and what can we do to help ourselves live a better lives and the environment around us ?

There are various definitions of sustainability but in a simple words sustainability is the process and actions taken by human beings towards our natural resources. It is our every day choices that we make in our lives that can have an effect on the environment, species and climate.

We’ve put together a list of few tips what YOU can do to help you live a better sustainable lifestyle but more importantly help our planet be a better and happier place to live on.

1. Recycle, recycle and recycle!

Perhaps you already know this by now but this is a very important factor to a sustainable living. Most of the products we buy are recyclable however if you are not sure how the specific item needs to be recycled check the information at the back of the product or look the at manufacturer website. By incorporating this step in our lives we can help minimise waste being  send to landfills and ending up in our beautiful oceans.

2. Reduce household energy use.

light bulb

Your home can use a lot of energy which has an impact on our planet but there are things you can do to have a better energy efficient house.

  • use energy saving lightbulbs and energy saving appliances
  • turn off your appliances when not in use
  • hang your clothes on a drying rack instead of using a dryer

3. Use reusable products

reusable bottle

Nowadays you can find a lot of reusable products which you can reuse many times. Buying reusable products can also save your money instead of buying new products every so often. For example use reusable water bottle instead of buying a plastic bottle which you will throw away after one use.  You can find plenty of nice reusable bottles on the market but we recommend that you check the descriptions and the material used to make the bottle as some may not be as great in the longer run.

4. Stop using plastic !

plastic pollution

Every year about 8 million of plastic ends up in the oceans which kills millions of animals. This is why it’s so important to stop using so much plastic and find alternatives to help our planet. When you go shopping don’t buy a plastic bag, take a reusable bag with you and carry it with you wherever you go. It can help you save some pennies but also you will help minimise the spread of plastic bags on our planet.

Plastic straws is another big issue, although many brands have stopped the sale of plastic straws, it can still be an issue at some places. Get yourself a reusable straw like a metal or a silicon straw. You can wash it and reuse it again and again. It may be a small difference to you but it is a big difference to our planet.

5. Resell or donate your items.

clothes donation

We all have some old clothes that we no longer need or use. Perhaps it is a good time to do a big clean out in your wardrobe and check what items you can sell and make money ! or donate to your local charity. It is a good way to get rid of your old items that you no longer need without polluting the planet.

What do you think about being sustainable living and saving our planet? Are you following a sustainable lifestyle? Let us know in the comments below and lets share some positive sustainable tips .

Start your journey to a sustainable living now!

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