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How To Style A Coffee Table

Reclaimed coffee table with candelabra

When you style a coffee table correctly, it stands as the centrepiece of the living room. It becomes a focal point that has the potential to boost the entire aesthetic of a space. Whether your taste leans towards the rustic charm of reclaimed wood or the sleek sophistication of metallic silver, styling your coffee table is an art. It allows you to showcase your personality and create a welcoming atmosphere. In this guide, we will explore the secrets to styling a coffee table that not only complements your decor but also adds benefits to your lifestyle.

1. Choosing The Right Coffee Table

Before delving into the world of styling a coffee table, it is crucial to select the right coffee table as your canvas. Your selection process should involve an exploration of materials, styles and personal preferences. Whether you opt for the warmth and character of a wooden coffee table, the contemporary style of a modern piece or the timeless charm of an antique, each choice contributes to the overall aesthetic of the room. 

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

A reclaimed wooden coffee table stands as a testament to the beauty of repurposed materials, adding a unique dimension to your living space. Beyond its functional role, a coffee table wooden brings a profound sense of warmth and character to the room. The natural grains and imperfections of the wood create a one of a kind piece. More than a design element, the use of reclaimed wood contributes to sustainability, giving new life to materials that might have otherwise gone to waste. 

Unique Coffee Tables

If you are looking for something more unconventional, unique coffee tables such as a basket coffee table offer a refreshing twist. The woven texture introduces an element of nature and brings in an organic, tactile quality. Choosing a unique coffee table is an opportunity to make a statement, expressing your individuality and taste. Whether it is through unexpected shapes, innovative materials or intricate detailing, unique coffee tables will redefine a space.

Antique Coffee Tables

Furthermore, if you want to add a touch of history, it is worth looking for antique coffee tables for sale. Antique coffee tables bring a sense of timeless charm and character to your living space. These pieces have a history and a story to tell, making them unique additions that stand out from mass-produced furniture. Antique coffee tables come in a variety of styles, allowing you to find a piece that perfectly complements your decor. Whether you prefer the ornate details of Victorian furniture, the simplicity of Shaker designs or the rustic appeal of farmhouse tables, the world of antique furniture offers a diverse range of options.


Chic Antique Set of 2 Coffee Tables with Wooden Lid – Antique White

There are several factors to consider when choosing which decorative items you would like on your coffee table. Firstly, remember that your coffee table serves a practical purpose, too. Ensure that the items you choose do not obstruct the functionality of the table. Leave enough space for essentials like remote controls, coasters or a comfortable spot for your guest to place their cup and saucer.

Curate a Personal Collection

Incorporate personal items that hold sentimental value or reflect your interests. This could be a collection of travel souvenirs or family photographs in stylish frames. These personal touches add a layer of authenticity to your coffee table, making it a reflection of your life and experiences.

Introduce Greenery

Bring a breath of fresh air to your coffee table by incorporating greenery. A small potted plant, a vase of fresh flowers or a cluster of succulents adds a natural and vibrant element to the arrangement. Not only does this contribute to the overall aesthetic but it also brings life and energy to your living room.

3. Styling The Coffee Table

Once you have found your perfect coffee table and accompanying decorative items, it is time to begin styling. Firstly, introduce visual interest by playing with heights. Arrange a combination of taller elements like vases, candle holders or sculptures, along with shorter decorative pieces. This layering adds depth and dimension, making your coffee table display more dynamic. 

Rule of Three

One way to help you achieve balance on your coffee table is to use the Rule of Three. This timeless design principle suggests grouping items in sets of three for maximum appeal. Whether you have a focal point like a decoration bowl or centrepiece, balancing it with two smaller items on either side adheres to the principles of symmetry. Varying the heights within these trios adds a fun visual flow, contributing to the overall coffee table display. While the Rule of Three offers a helpful guideline, remember to maintain flexibility and creativity, adapting the concept to your personal taste and the size of your coffee table.


Silver Mushroom Label Grey Bobble Bowl. Great for styling a coffee table.

Do not be afraid to edit and revise your coffee table arrangement regularly. As your tastes change or new items come into your possession, take the time to refresh the display. This ongoing curation ensures that your coffee table remains a focal point in your living room.

Seasonal Touches:

Changing up your coffee table throughout the year is a fun and exciting way to bring a fresh vibe to your home. Embrace the different seasons by adding special touches that match the natural changes around you. When Autumn arrives, think about putting decorative pumpkins on your table to create a warm and earthy feeling. Then, when Christmas comes around, switch things up by replacing the Autumn decor with festive ornaments, scented candles and garlands. Adding these seasonal touches not only makes your coffee table look charming but also keeps your home feeling interesting as time goes by.

The Best Way To Style A Coffee Table

In short, styling your coffee table is a fun way to add character to your living room. Start by picking the right table that fits your style, whether it’s warm wood, something unique or an antique piece. Add personal items like travel souvenirs or family photos and bring in some plants for a lively touch. When styling, play with different heights and remember the Rule of Three for balance. Don’t be afraid to switch things up, adding seasonal touches like pumpkins in Autumn or festive decor during Christmas. Your coffee table can be a changing canvas that reflects your life and keeps your home feeling fresh and interesting.

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