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Wedding Gift Guide 2018

Ahh Wedding Season, a time for love, romance and celebrations. With the majority of weddings happening from late Spring to Early Autumn, this time, as magical as it is, can often leave you with an empty wallet, as happy couple after happy couple ties the knot.

Weddings are no longer a simple occasion. Gone are the days of the (relatively) stress free wedding. It’s now bigger, brighter and more expensive than ever. With a plethora of celebrity weddings to contend with, it’s no surprise that the average cost of a wedding has risen from around £8,000 in 1999 to a staggering £30,000 in 2017. I’m sure we’d all love to have a sky high wall of white blooms like Kim & Kanye West, but their £12 Million wedding is a little out of most peoples’ budgets, we suspect.

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Bigger the wedding bigger the gift?

With the increasing size of all things weddings, it’s understandable that the costs for the guests are sky rocketing as well. It is no longer deemed acceptable to simply rock up to a wedding in that same dress you wore to the last wedding, with that very similar gift you purchased for the last happy couple that tied the knot. With all the focus on the big day, the pressures and costs put on the guests are often over looked. Travel, accommodation, brand new outfits, shoes, and that all important gift are just some of the expenses for you wedding goer. This is where we come in.

In an attempt to relieve some of the stress leading up to the big day, we have put together a Wedding Gift Guide that can help you select the perfect gift, no matter what your connection to the Bride & Groom, leaving you to simply enjoy the special day.

So where do you begin when choosing a gift? Some couples make a gift registry in order to help out their guests when it comes to choosing the perfect present. Our advice: if this works for you, then stick to it. If your bride and groom have not made this list, or if it doesn’t meet your budget requirements, then this Wedding Gift Guide is for you.

There are a number of routes you can go down when it comes to what type of gift you purchase. Useful gifts are a fail-safe option. If something is practical and serves a purpose, then it is unlikely that the newly-weds are going to return it. The only problem is useful gifts can often be boring. You could go down the fail-safe route of a foodie gift. Most people love food and, since the kitchen is the heart of the home, a kitchenware gift is always a good idea. Another great gift is glassware. Timeless and thoughtful. Upgrading somebody’s glassware is a lovely gesture and an appropriate one. Gorgeous glasses are usually brought out on special occasions, and what’s more special than a marriage!

Once you’ve decided the type of gift you want to purchase, it’s time to think about that all important budget. Our guide is split into 3 sections: Wedding Gifts for £25, £50 and £100 with something for everyone in each category.

Wedding Gifts For £25 & Under

So let’s start at the beginning; wedding gifts for £25. These gifts are perfect if you don’t have unlimited cash to spend on a wedding gift, but still want to present the couple with a meaningful gift that you know won’t be returned or shoved to the back of a cupboard never to be seen again! In this section we have a wide range of items, such as Gifts for the Home, a handful of quality gift sets from Räder, timeless collectibles from Le Creuset and plenty more.

Ranging from £3.99 to £24.95 this section has thoughtful gifts perfect to show your love and wishes to the happy couple! Shop the collection here.

Wedding Gifts For £50 & Under

This collection of gifts is sure to put a smile on the happy couple’s faces. This section has a mixture of traditional and unique wedding gifts so there’s something for everyone, whatever your taste! Our gifts under £50 features many timeless pieces that are an essential for all homes, such as Le Creuset Salt & Pepper Pots as well as Stoneware Coffee Pots. We also have sets of beautiful glassware from the amazing Broste Copenhagen, as well as the highest quality knife blocks from Viners and Taylors Eye Witness.

Some of our favourite gifts from this collection are the Robert Welch homeware pieces, oozing style and class, they will certainly be gratefully received.

With a range of prices, these gifts are perfect if you’re wanting to spend a little extra on that all important wedding gift.

Wedding Gifts for £100 & Under

These gifts will be a real treat for your bride & groom, featuring top of the range brands such as Villeroy & Boch, Viners, Le Creuset and many more. These gifts are all investment pieces, that are sure to withstand the test of time. Have a browse through these top end gifts here!

Exclusive Wedding Gifts

We have gathered together our most exclusive and high end gifts. These pieces are all extremely thoughtful gifts that will be cherished for a lifetime. We recommend this category if you are wanting to spend that little bit extra on the bride and groom, ideal for family members and close friends, or simply those of us with a larger budget. Shop here!

We hope this Wedding Gift Guide has given you a little more direction when it comes to choosing that all important gift. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this blog via our social media channels.




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