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Designing Your Farmhouse Dining Room: A Guide to Rustic Furniture

Farmhouse dining table and chairs.

Nothing says ‘home sweet home’ like a farmhouse dining room that welcomes you in with open arms. And the easy trick to this? Rustic furniture. Rustic furniture promises a hub of warmth and ambient allure, which are of course the essential elements of an inviting dining room. 

Natural weathered wood, antique furnishings and stone accents of traditional country cottage homes make them the perfect setting for rustic furniture, particularly in the dining room. And the key is to achieve simplicity in a way that both avoids cold minimalism, and exudes a cosy warmth. But, how do you create this? In short, layer textures, prioritise wooden furniture and implement and take advantage of natural elements. 

First Things First: A Farmhouse Table and Chairs

Farmhouse table and chairs in dining room, with cushions and brick wall.

In the heart of every dining room, of course, lies the dining table. It’s where we gather to share laughter that makes memories and meals that warm the heart. And whilst there are many different takes on a cosy, rustic dining room, the notion of a farmhouse table and chairs always leads us to wooden furniture. Pieces characterised by warmth, texture and soul.

The Hans Farmhouse Table is the perfect wooden dining table to add interest and depth to your space. Whilst simple in design, the chunky build and gorgeous worn natural finish will make this wooden dining table the focal point of your rustic dining room – as any dining table should be, after all. 

When it comes to the all important seating aspect of your farmhouse table and chairs, there’s a number of routes you could take. In line with the relaxed, slouchy dining table ambiance, the matching Hans Wooden Bench, as displayed in the picture, fits a charm.


But farmhouse simplicity doesn’t have to mean that everything has to match. Nor does everything have to feel ‘antique’ or ‘vintage’. This is where rustic modern farmhouse take comes in. 

Adding wooden dining chairs with an extra layer of natural detailing such as wicker or rattan weaving can make your farmhouse table and chairs feel more characterful and unique. Mixing traditional rustic furniture with slightly more modern or french style furniture also makes blending the two styles look much more natural and intentional.
Rattan wicker dining chair, at table with white linens.


How can Rustic Furniture Play a Part in Your Dining Room Colour Scheme?

Colour scheme plays an important role in perfecting your perfect rustic dining room, as with any home decor renovation. Neutrals, stone and natural wood elements are important in creating a rustic dining room. However, they can also be viewed as a blank canvas or base to add different coloured elements. When choosing a colour scheme for your rustic dining room, be inspired by the hues of nature – greens, browns, and darker reds and ambers. The obvious answer to this is painting the walls, but this can sometimes take away from the natural rustic feel. So, the alternative is implementing coloured rustic furniture.

Green wooden pantry cupboard.

The Moss Coloured 2 Door Pantry Cupboard brings both a touch of classic farmhouse feel with a modern contemporary update, and of course, an abundance of organisation. When looking to implement a subtle colour into your rustic dining room, green is an ideal choice thanks to its natural feel that beautifully complements wooden tones. It’s also an accent colour that can be seamlessly blended into the room with green home decor accessories, such as soft furnishings, tabletop accessories, and even plants and greenery.

Additional storage space can also never go amiss when it comes to a dining room, providing a space for your special occasion dinnerware, glassware and other tabletop essentials.   


Tying Storage Space Into Your Rustic Furniture

Whilst we’re on the topic of storage space, let’s cover some other rustic furniture options that will wonderfully organise your farmhouse dining room. The Chic Antique Service Table oozes farmhouse charm with its simple structure and natural warm pine wood finish. It’ll pair beautifully with your rustic wooden dining table, and is the perfect spot to store your extra plates, or even lay out serving platters for buffet style dining. With 4 wheels on the foot of this gorgeous service table, it can also be transported from kitchen to table for easy serving. 
For a slightly less space consuming piece of rustic furniture, with equally as much charm and texture, a Wooden Ladder With Wire Baskets is a gorgeous option. The wooden finish ties in perfectly with a rustic farmhouse feel, and the removable baskets can be filled with tableside essentials. Without the baskets, these rustic wooden ladders can be used to drape over your table linens, ready to be brought out for special occasions or nightly dinners.
Wooden service table with wheels, filled with plates and home, linens and home accessories.


Finally, With Rustic Furniture, Come Rustic Home Accessories

Wooden candle holder with 7 lit candles on dining table.

Of course, the finishing touches to any room are home accessories. When adding pieces that complement your rustic dining room, try to add extra layers of texture and natural materials. Naturally, rustic home accessories are often wooden, with contrasting metal detailing. Consider what your table centrepiece will be – a rustic wooden candle holder? Or perhaps a handled serving tray filled with your tabletop essentials and condiments. 

When choosing table linens, in a farmhouse dining room, the palette should be soft, and neutral with an organic feel. Or, tying into a subtle colour palette as mentioned above. Neutral colours, whilst they can be incompatible with messier eaters, beautifully contrast with wooden dining table finishes.


How to Incorporate Rustic Furniture Into Your Farmhouse Dining Room

Overall, here’s what to keep in mind when curating your farmhouse dining room: Texture, warmth and wood. Make a wooden dining table the centrepiece of the room – it’s the soul of the space. Play around with traditional and modern farmhouse styles, and mix and match dining styles. Consider adding nature inspired colours through painting walls, furniture, and matching coloured home accessories. And finally, enhance the farmhouse feel with wooden accessories.

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