Valentine’s Day is a huge topic for bloggers. You’ve no doubt already been inundated with the best ‘“Romantic Meal for 2” recipes (which are actually your bog-standard dinner recipes, but are written in illegible red font), swamped with the Ultimate “DIY Gifts He Will Love” (that he will definitely not love) and of course, bombarded […]

They say good things come to those who wait… so, without further ado, we’re over the moon to announce our NEW Kilner Spring/Summer 2017 range. Not that all Kilner launches aren’t worthing getting a little giddy over, but this one is extra special; in celebration of the 175th anniversary of the brand, Kilner have really upped the […]

As a self confessed Christmas junkie, it’s comes as no surprise that I’m loving this festive season even more than last year. So far Christmas 2016 has brought us many wonderful events and treats. We have probably (definitely) all had one too many mulled wines, leading to one too many mince pies, leading to even more […]

It is with great dismay that I come to you with this announcement, every silver lining is surrounded by a whopping great cloud of pain, suffering and bleak bleak sadness. Yes, you guessed it, the hell that is Black Friday is fast approaching. It is with your best interests and safety in mind that I […]

It’s no secret that most of us gain a few extra pounds, along with presents, around the Christmas season, and who can really blame us? I mean, have you been into your local Starbucks recently? In the pre-holiday times, our beloved coffee house pumps us full with PSLs (that’s pumpkin spice lattes if you were […]