SECRETLY HEALTHY Banana Donuts with PB & Nutella Glaze

As part of our new Feed Your Happy campaign we promised you healthy recipes and ideas. We are fed up of seeing healthy recipes for things like Zuccini Fries and Eggplant Cakes, they don’t sound good, they don’t look good and they definitely do not taste good. So, whats the dream here? A recipe that […]

Bring Summer Into Your Home Instantly

Why is that it that as soon as the sun shines, the country smiles, or so it seems. We just tend to be so much happier in the summer months, the nights are longer, colours are brighter and moods are lighter. When we ‘feel’ summery we also tend to want to be a little healthier […]

The Feed Your Happy Campaign

We have created the Feed Your Happy Campaign because we believe that the food we eat is becoming more and more riddled with chemicals, preservatives and artificial sugars. Fresh, homemade meals are becoming a thing of the past as ready meals and budget chain restaurants take over. This campaign is all about how the food […]

Baked Oats: The Greatest Breakfast Of All Time

Oats are one of the most underrated foods to grace this earth, yes I said it. You might be thinking that I’m being a little dramatic, we all know oats are healthy, they have loads of fiber, they lower cholesterol yadda yadda, but they’re boring right? That’s the problem, nobody does anything exciting with oats, […]

Gut Health: The Real Secret To Weight Loss & Flawless Skin

We’re a nation of perfectionists, impatiently waiting for that FAD diet or ‘life-hack’ weight loss pill that is going to put an end to our constant efforts in losing weight. According to Huffington Post, 64% of Brits are trying to lose weight ‘all or most of the time’, when you think about it, we actually […]

Crazy about Kombucha?

You might have heard the word ‘Kombucha’ floating around the health blogs recently and most likely wondered what on earth it is. You are not alone, when our friends over at Kilner told us about a brand new product they’d released called The Kombucha Set we were non the wiser. Kombucha has been called the […]