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Brass Is Back: How To Add Brass Decor Into Your Home

A set of two brass reeded trays. Use as candle trays, to put soaps in or to house perfumes and other accessories.

If you are a home interior enthusiast and you enjoy keeping up with the latest home trends, you will already know that brass decor is a timeless treasure. Brass decor has experienced a notable resurgence in recent times, with brushed brass becoming increasingly popular over the past few years. There are several ways that you can add brass to your home. Whether it is the elegance of a brass and glass coffee table or the charm of a few brass candlesticks. Brass decor has the unique ability to infuse your home decor with an unmistakable touch of sophistication. The below ideas are ways that you can add a touch of brass to your home today. 

1. Brass Coffee Table

A living room is often the heart of your home and a well-thought-out coffee table can be the centrepiece that ties the entire space together. A brass and glass coffee table is a great option that brings brass into the space whilst also not being too overpowering. Its transparent top allows the table to blend seamlessly with its surroundings. This makes it an ideal choice for both modern and classic interiors.

Nakuru Iron & Glass Side Table Set - Brass

The entryway is the first space guests see when they enter your home and it sets the tone for your entire house. A brass console table in your hallway can make a stunning statement while providing a practical surface for keys, mail and decorative accents. It helps keep your entryway organised and clutter-free, ensuring that it not only looks impressive but functions effectively as well. Choose one with clean lines and a brushed brass finish for a modern yet timeless look. 

A brass console table can be added to other areas of your home. Whether you choose to place one in your living room, dining room or bedroom. These slim tables easily add a decorative element to help cover bare walls and stagnant areas. 

3. Brass Candlesticks 

Candlelight has a magical way of transforming any space and candlesticks in brass add a touch of romance and elegance. Whether you are hosting a dinner party or enjoying a cosy evening at home, the warm glow of candlelight creates a peaceful atmosphere that can not be matched.

Consider adding multiple antique brass candlesticks to your dining table or mantle. This way, these brass decor items not only hold your candles but also act as decorative pieces themselves. Their intricate designs and brushed finish make them a conversation starter at any gathering.


candlesticks brass

Indoor plants have become a staple in modern home decor and what better way to display them than in a large brass planter? The combination of greenery and brass creates a stunning contrast that enhances the beauty of both elements. Plants can be added to any room and space, whether that be in the kitchen, bathroom or conservatory. Consider placing a statement plant, such as a fiddle leaf fig or a snake plant, in a spacious large brass planter to create that wow factor. 

5. Brass Arch Mirror

Mirrors are essential in home decor for their ability to make spaces appear larger and more inviting. A brass arch mirror takes this concept to the next level by adding a layer of elegance to a room. Place one in your living room, bedroom or hallway to create a sense of openness. 

For example, in the bedroom, whether it is mounted on the wall or leaning against it, a mirror amplifies the sense of space and adds a layer of luxury. It also provides the convenience of a full length reflection for those final outfit checks before stepping out. For hallways, a brass arch mirror acts as both a functional and aesthetic element. It welcomes you and your guests into your home and it will reflect natural light from nearby windows. This will make the hallway appear brighter and more inviting. In the living room, a brass arch mirror can serve as a focal point, drawing the eye. It not only adds a touch of sophistication but also provides the illusion of a more expansive and airy environment. Placing it above a fireplace or as part of a gallery wall can instantly transform the room.

brass arch mirror

6. Brass Ice Bucket

If you enjoy entertaining guests, a brass ice bucket is a must-have addition to your home bar. Not only does it serve a practical purpose by keeping your beverages chilled, but it also adds a touch of luxury to your entertaining space. Brass ice buckets come in various designs, from sleek and modern to ornate and classic. When selecting an ice bucket, look for one that complements your existing barware and decor. The brushed brass finish of an ice bucket adds a touch of opulence. This makes it the ideal accessory for serving champagne and drinks in style.

7. Brass Decor Accents

Brass accents can be peppered effortlessly throughout the home to enhance your interior charm. For example, add a brass decorative tray to your coffee or dining table to create a warm and sophisticated centrepiece. Brass can adapt to various design styles meaning it has a timeless appeal and can be used for years to come. 

Brass lamps are great at illuminating and elevating any space. Whether you place one in your study, living room or bedroom, a brass lamp is a symbol of timeless charm. Adding a brass lamp to the corner of a room will create a gentle glow whilst also providing the beauty of a brass accent. This soft radiance has the power to transform a dull corner into a cosy and sophisticated retreat.

Is Brass Decor In Style?

The resurgence of brass in home decor is a testament to its timeless appeal and ability to elevate any space. From the elegance of a brass and glass coffee table to the charm of candlesticks in brass, there are numerous ways to incorporate this versatile metal into your home. By carefully choosing the right pieces and combining them thoughtfully, you can achieve a sophisticated and timeless look that will never go out of style. So, do not hesitate to bring a touch of brushed brass into your home. Watch as it transforms your living space into a luxury haven.

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