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Innovative Kitchen by Mason Cash

Here at Silver Mushroom we get very excited by new products, and even more excited by whole new ranges! That is why when Mason Cash released an entire new collection, we just had to spread the word.

There is nothing more quintessential, in my humble opinion, than a Mason Cash mixing bowl. Simple, understated and timeless, this bowl can do no wrong! They even use them on the Great British Bake Off, if that isn’t a seal of approval then I don’t know what is. The Mason Cash brand has evolved over the years, from the classic Cane Mixing Bowl to the gorgeous In The Forest collection, the British brand has now released the Innovative Kitchen collection. This brand new range is like no other, delivering not only the superior-style the brand is known for, but smart-solutions that literally every kitchen needs.

Each item within the range has a traditional function with a modern twist that brings either dual function or improved performance. The Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen Utensils range has been designed for multi-functionality and comfort.The collection has 14 unique pieces and 7 multi-functional utensils, including a Juicer that stores both the juice and fruit, a Bench Scraper that strips herbs, an Egg Store than has a specially designed centre for mess free ‘cracking’ and many more!

The Innovative Kitchen Mixing Bowl is one of our favourites from the entire collection. The simplicity of this bowl is that of splendor, a crisp white finish that is sure to match each and every kitchen, subtly embossed with the prestigious Mason Cash logo. The mixing bowl has been designed with functionality in mind, the faceted design not only looks stylish but allows you to tilt the bowl and rest it on an angle to enable easy mixing, with minimal rocking. The matching Measuring Jug also features the same tilting design. The image above also features the Spoon Rest and Egg Store.

What delicious recipe doesn’t call for a garlic clove or two? Such a great and healthy way to add heaps of flavour to the simplest of dishes, garlic is a kitchen essential. This Garlic Store is the perfect storage solution, with an air hole so that your garlic can breath. The inside of the lid even doubles up as a grater! The above image also shows the Spaghetti Spoon & Utensil Pot.

The Juicer & Store is a gorgeous piece of stoneware. Not only can you easily juice citrus fruits and pour them with ease due to the lip on the lid, but you can also store the fruits in the pot below. The pot is marked with measurements so that you can store the juice inside!

The Innovative Pudding Basin is absolutely a kitchen essential. This piece can be used as a mixing bowl for smaller bakes, it can be used for storage as flip cap on lid enables you to create an air tight seal, it can also be used traditionally to steam puddings. The image also features the Medium Storage Jar and Measuring Cups.

Last but not least, the Innovative Kitchen Utensils, these really are a must have. There’s nothing more annoying than having an overflowing utensil pot and thus being forced to donate a draw to the cause. Mason Cash understand that kitchen space is precious, so each of these tools serves 2 or more purposes. The picture above features the following (top to bottom), The Spatula, like all the utensils is made from top quality Beechwood, the head serves as a normal spatula and the other end features as a jar scraper for all those little bits that you can’t quite reach.

The Slotted Spoon is the perfect classic ‘wooden spoon’, ideal for stirring pretty much anything and everything; however, the slight slots in the head are great for separating eggs, perfect for recipes that call for either egg white or yolk! The Whisk & Reamer doubles up, the balloon whisk is great for whisking and the reamer allows you to easily juice fruits directly into your recipe if need be. The Turner has a slotted head, ideal for turning fish, meat and vegetables in pans or oven trays. The specially designed handle allows you to pull out and push in oven racks when checking on bakes. The Solid Spoon is a 3 in 1 utensil, firstly it is a sturdy measuring spoon, secondly the handle features a handy jar scraper and finally the head is embossed with measurements for 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon and 1/2 teaspoon, ideal for baking recipes with smaller measurements! Finally the Pastry Brush & Fork, the name says it all really, the brush is perfect for glazing and basting, whilst the fork can be used for whisking egg wash, pricking pastry and crimping pie crusts!

So there you have it, our full run down on the fantastic Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen Collection, the perfect kitchenware for those who need to save a little space, or just appreciate the efficient things in life! Shop the entire collection here.

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