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Introducing: The New Silver Mushroom Swing Chair

the new silver mushroom swing chair

Behind the scenes at Silver Mushroom we have been harbouring a very exciting secret, one that we have eagerly awaited to share with you. We have always dreamt of designing our very own product, from scratch; Detailing every curve and corner, testing out the materials and fine tuning to perfection. Earlier this year the perfect moment presented it’s self and we began to research our exciting new idea. Luckily, 12 years in the homeware industry has given us priceless experience in what we love and which products and styles we know that our customer base would love. So we set to work designing and we are now able to introduce you to our very own Silver Mushroom Swing Chair

The Silver Mushroom Swing Chair embraces the art of graceful curves, as the finest rattan delicately weaves together to create its elegant and inviting shape. This ensures that the chair is just as comfortable as it is stylish, making it the perfect spot for your morning coffee or that much needed late afternoon glass of vino at the weekend.

Natural Rattan Swing Chair

As with everything, designing our first product came with many hurdles that we knew we were to overcome. This tested our communication skills amongst the logistical and creative teams, we needed a product that could withstand the harsh English weather conditions whilst also not compromising on style or beauty. It took more effort than we will openly admit, however we feel it was truly worth it, our Swing Chair has unbeatable strength, ensuring it will last for summers to come. Say goodbye to the hassle of annual replacements, as the Silver Mushroom Swing Chair promises to remain steadfast and beautiful for years to come.

Natural Rattan Swing ChairThe Silver Mushroom Swing Chair also comes with a beautiful, plush linen cushion. We were adamant to ensure that we used local, British makers wherever possible, so we turned to our talented friend Andrew to commission him for a batch of very special cushions. The attention to detail and extra love that has been put into these cushions is evident when relaxing in the chair. We sampled numerous shapes, thicknesses and materials to find the perfect, cloud like cushion for our new chair! In a neutral, herringbone linen the cushion aligns perfectly with our commitment to style and sustainability.

Natural Rattan Swing Chair

Embrace the opportunity to create your own serene oasis, where the Silver Mushroom Swing Chair takes centre stage in your garden or on your patio. Whether used for late night summer gatherings or as a sun soaking spot, this chair is sure to become a beloved addition to your home. 

So there you have it—the culmination of our efforts and the unveiling of our very first product, the Silver Mushroom Swing Chair. Every step of the way, we poured an immense amount of love and care into the creation process to ensure that this swing chair reflects exactly what we envisioned—an exquisite masterpiece that surpasses all expectations. Keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come, as we have an exciting array of new products on their way. We look forward to seeing how you personalise each item to make them a cherished part of your home.

You can shop the Silver Mushroom Swing Chair here.

With love,

Poppy x


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