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Kilner TV Advert 2015

The new Kilner TV advert aired on September 7th and showcases an abundance of gorgeous, homely Kilner products and a great assortment of practical uses for them.

From the Baker with a cupboard full of Kilner storage jars, to the Pickler with his wooden crates and Kilner bottles; the Entertainer serving up drinks from a Kilner Dispenser to the Preserver with her huge Kilner jam pan and preserve jars, and the Luncher with her healthy Kilner jar lunch to the Maker with his bottles and jars of oils and herbs surrounding him. The new Kilner TV advert does a great job of showing us how practical, functional and versatile the Kilner collection really is.

Whether you’re a Baker or a Maker; Preserver or a Pickler; an Entertainer or a work time Luncher, Kilner has got just the thing for you!

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