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Product of the Month: Typhoon Novo Teal Bread Bin

They say blue is the number one favourite colour and although I don’t know who “they” are, and I don’t know where the study relates to, I do believe it is true that if you choose blue, you can’t go far wrong. This goes for anything and everything, from your evening gowns to your jeans, to your walls or, of course, to your kitchen accessories.

Blue is a serene, tranquil colour. It brings about a sense of calm and makes us feel refreshed and clean. Are there any other colours out there that make you feel relaxed and energised all at the same time? Nothing springs to mind!

Darker blues are considered powerful and a symbol of knowledge, while lighter shades are soft and healing. In nature, we are surrounded by differing shades of blue, be it from the sea or the sky, and we have come to see this as a dependable colour, something to inspire trust, honesty and responsibility.

So, what better colour to accessorise a kitchen with than this calming, fresh, clean favourite? You can even mix and match lots of different shades of blue to really make the most of this beautiful colour in all its many guises.

It is no surprise then, that our current best selling product is the teal bread bin from Typhoon’s Novo range. This bread bin is a winner on every level. Offering stylish storage solutions, a fabulous, fashionable accessory for your kitchen sides and a well designed, practical bread bin that will deliver exactly what you would be looking for in a bread bin: plenty of space and the ability to keep your bread clean and fresh.


The Novo Teal Bread Bin is a perfect example of Typhoon’s focus on design led style. The bold teal enamel coated steel makes a statement and cries out to be admired, while the stylish curves and stainless steel accents bring a retro vibe to the overall appearance. The ventilated sides and interior rack allow a little air flow, helping to keep the contents fresh and dry, while the generous size allows space for two loaves. Plenty of space to cater to the demands of a hungry family. The magnetic front opening door adds to the retro charm, whilst simultaneously assisting in the practical side of things by ensuring the door is properly closed and thus keeping your bread as fresh as possible.

The Typhoon Novo Teal Bread Bin is available individually or as part of the Typhoon Novo Kitchen Storage Set. The range also consists of large and small storage canisters, utensil jars, mug trees, spoon rests and weighing scales. And, if unlike the rest of the world’s population, blue is not your favourite colour, Typhoon also do this stunning range in white, cream and red.

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