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The Best Scents for Each Room in Your Home

White Alang Alang Sences Candle

Scent is one of the most powerful senses. It triggers memories, determines feelings and even encourages empathy. The highly emotive response to specific aromas is due to our olfactory response, which unlike our other senses, is directly linked to the emotional centre of our brains. When you smell spiced cinnamon, it may remind you of your late grandmother who used to bake cinnamon rolls for your arrival. Or winter berries may take you back to sitting around the fire with your family during the festive season. 

Scents have the power to boost your mood. Therefore, they play a vital role in creating the perfect ambiance for your home. Each scent however, evokes different responses, so should be utilised in different ways in different spaces. It can be difficult to know which are the best scents for each room, so often we simply opt for scents we like, or are used to, and not the ones that can benefit us the most. That’s why understanding a little scent psychology can help you, help yourself.

Tips for Incorporating Scents Into Your Home

Choosing the most effective scents for your home is based not only on the aroma that you opt for, but also the quality of the product. Choosing natural, high quality scents will mean that your candles will burn for longer, since natural organic wax tends to have a lower melting point. Scents made with essential oils also ensure a truly natural fragrance, meaning that you will reap the holistic benefits of the ingredients. Although artificial scents and flavourings may have a strong aroma short term, they won’t benefit your mood quite the same. 

Don’t limit yourself to candles. Experiment with a variety of scents, including diffusers and sprays, as each works better in different settings. Diffusers are also a more child and pet friendly option, and exude a continuous scent whether you’re in or out of the house. 

When selecting scents for each individual room, be mindful of the intensity of the scent and don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right one. Consider the desired ambiance for each room, the way the room is used, and the effect you want to have on the people who accommodate it.

Living Room Aroma

The Best Scents For Living Room

The best scents for your living room are dependent on the atmosphere you want to create and whether you’re hosting or rejuvenating. For every day, a warm, homey fragrance sets the perfect mood for relaxing family time. Prioritise scented candles flavours that aren’t too overpowering. Vanilla is said to provoke comforting feelings of joy and relaxation, creating a welcoming cosy ambiance. 

For hosting, you want to create a welcoming atmosphere, but one that doesn’t send your guests to sleep. There’s unfortunately such a thing as too cosy if you want to stay awake to catch up  with friends. Citrus candles or diffusers are the best scents to energise spaces before gatherings. Orange scented candles specifically can enhance happiness, and evoke feelings of well-being.


Bedroom Scents

The perfect bedroom scents are those that are subtle, and something that you will like for long periods of time. Many bedroom candles are centred around two main things; intimacy and sleep quality improvement. Sweet scented candles such as chocolate are perfect to set the mood. Whilst soothing scents like lavender and chamomile are celebrated for their sleeping aid, anxiety reduction, and calming properties. However, you may not want to burn these during the day, since they can be overpowering. The Stress Relief Soy Candle is the perfect mix of mood-enhancing and relaxing aromas. The citrus notes pick up the energy of the room, parsley and eucalyptus neutralise any lingering smells, and of course lavender encourages a peaceful wind-down.

Aromas to Power Working From Home

The best WFH scents are those that will relieve stress, increase brain stimulation and maximise focus. Stimulating scents include cloves, which can help boost concentration and focus, and rosemary, which increases alertness, improves memory, and has been found to be effective headache relief.

A productive office space is also the place where fuller bodied fragrances can thrive. Whilst it’s known to be a common Christmas scent, cinnamon candles are said to improve cognitive functions, visual-motor responses and attention span retention. The aroma of fresh coffee also enhances analytical thinking and attentiveness. The Fresh Coffee Soy Candle would be the perfect coffee hit, without the extra caffeine.

Fresh Coffee Soy Candle


Candles for the Kitchen

The kitchen is not the place for your strongest fragrances. The key is to master how to make a room smell fresh, without clashing with the smell of food when cooking. As delightful as the smell of a home cooked meal can be, lingering smells can end up being undesirable. To eliminate stronger, unwanted cooking smells, the best scents are those with herbs and citrus. The Weekend Soy Candle has notes of citrus, grapefruit and sage to neutralise cooking smells, and leave the kitchen feeling fresh and clean. The lavender may also act as a calming agent if your sous-chef isn’t prepping up to scratch.

The Best Scents for Your Hallways

Spa Day Soy Candle

Hallways can be a forgotten area to scent, but are in actuality very important spots. Particularly the doorway entrance to the house. Have you ever walked into someone’s home and thought ‘ah this smells like them’. As I said previously, scents are directly associated with memory. So, ensure that the signature scent people remember you by is one that exudes positivity, freshness and a welcoming aura. 

The best scents to introduce to your guests as they enter your home are subtle, yet long-lasting fragrances. The jasmine aromas in the Spa Day Soy Candle re-energise and promote a sense of well-being and positive mood. What better way to welcome your guests?

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