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DIY Fresh Flower & Herb Butter

This might well be our way of enticing Spring and all the glory that comes with it, but we are loving the simplicity of this delicious recipe. It oozes sunshine and makes us want to get out there and whip up a BBQ feast for our loved ones **ignores the fact that it’s been hovering around 2°C for the last month**. Why not whip this up at your next soirée or even impress your nearest and dearest tonight with a beautiful side to a homemade soup?


  • 113g room-temperature, best-quality unsalted butter
  •  Fresh herb leaves, including milder-flavored ones (thyme, dill, and flat-leaf parsley) and stronger ones (tarragon, sage, and/or oregano)
  •  1 green onion, sliced
  •  Petals from edible flowers such as anise hyssop, marigolds, pansies, calendulas, nasturtiums, Johnny-jump-ups, and borage
  •  Flake sea salt
  •  Pepper
  •  Cracked coriander seeds, red chile flakes, and poppy seeds (optional)
  •  Baguettes or crackers


  1. On your favourite platter or board (view our selection here), smear the butter around until around 1/4 inch thick, use a spatula to do this.
  2. Scatter generously with herb leaves, thinly sliced green onion (if that’s your jam, if not then leave it out), flower petals, salt flakes and pepper. If you fancy a little more zestiness then why not sprinkle some cracked coriander seeds, red chile flakes or poppy seeds, remember people- less is always more.
  3. Serve your master piece with pride. Best when smeared onto fresh bread or crackers.

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