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Food Unearthed by Le Creuset

Although it may be hard to believe, Summer is almost over. That might sound sad to some of you but to us here at Silver Mushroom it is very, very exciting. With colder weather comes heartier food, cosier clothing and rich orange (pumpkin) hues everywhere. It also means that our friends at Le Creuset in the process of launching their Autumn/Winter campaign, and trust us, this is not something you want to miss.

This year Le Creuset are promoting A/W with a slightly different approach. Introducing the ‘Food Unearthed’ campaign, bringing together a range of cookware and serveware that is designed to help you to make more out of the food you buy. This season Le Creuset are working in partnership with Love Food Hate Waste, notable chef Tom Hunt and nutritionist Madeleine Shaw to provide an inspirational look at the ingredients in our fridge and cupboards, sharing expert tips to help you to unlock their potential and minimise waste!

We have written many blogs on the benefits of eating seasonally, if you’re a little hazy on the concept you can brush up here.  Long story short, eating seasonally helps to make the most of the food we buy and in turn we can reduce waste. With the help of Le Creuset we are going to lend a helping hand in your kitchen. We take an inspirational look at the ingredients in our fridge and cupboards, sharing expert tips to help unlock their potential. We discover how chefs add taste, texture and colour to their dishes by using every part of the produce they cook with. We find out how to transform a simple set of ingredients into two – or more – delicious meals. And show how the fresh foods you already have in your kitchen can become the foundation of a standout menu for a stress-free dinner party.

This Autumn expect to see deep reds, cool blues and some complimentary flint-greys. Of course, we can’t forget the classic Volanic orange, which is an unmistakable piece to any keen eyed Le Creuset lover. Complete your collection or start a fresh one with the Food Unearthed campaign, great for Christmas gifts or simply a treat for your self.

Keep an eye out for our weekly Le Creuset inspired recipe to help you reduce your food waste and create some delicious dishes for everybody to enjoy!

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