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Our Thoughts On The New Le Creuset Kettle…

Most of you know them for their iconic casserole dishes, pots and pans, however the Le Creuset product range is constantly growing and we can just about keep up.  We have Le Creuset Salt & Pepper Pots, Ramekins and Butter Dishes coming out of our ears and we couldn’t be happier! So what do we think about their whistling kettles? Obviously, given their track record, we were pretty excited when we started stocking Le Creuset’s kettles..

… and they didn’t disappoint (obviously)! I mean, just look at that, that’s a statement kettle if ever we’ve seen one. In stock in their 3 complimentary colours, Volcanic, Cerise and Black the kettles are available in two different body shapes, ‘traditional’ and ‘kone’.

Nothing beats the aroma of freshly brewed tea or coffee, and such an important daily ritual calls for a stylish Stovetop Kettle. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern design, the enamel coated steel kettles will make a colorful addition to your kitchen. Whether it is your first Le Creuset piece or an addition to a growing collection, you won’t be disappointed by your Le Creuset Kettle.

Shop the kettles here!

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