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High Tea Reinvented by Maxwell & Williams

Have you ever really thought about High-Tea, about why us Brits are so besotted with the idea of dainty tea cups and teeny-tiny sandwiches. Personally I think its the patriot in all of us, this quintessential dinning tradition takes us back to our (potentially) royal roots and gives us a feeling of nobleness. Also, everybody loves a scone right?

So whether it’s Cream Tea, Afternoon Tea or High Tea, the difference is merely to do with class and regional differences, it’s an 18th century tradition that is here to stay. That is not to say that times aren’t changing, along with our palates and appetites. Traditionally, finger foods would be served on bone china crockery, everything was light and dainty. That is not the case in 2018, restaurants are now serving ‘Afternoon Tea’ consisting of all sorts of delicious non-traditional foods. If you pop in to any quirky looking bar or restaurant in London or any other major city you’ll be inundated with picnic benches splattered with anything from miniature burgers (sliders), miniature hot-dogs to miniature ice cream sundaes and so on.

The foods associated with tea are changing, so it makes sense that the crockery have a revamp as well. What better way to introduce you to our new favourite brand, Maxwell & Williams, than to showcase their gorgeous collections.

Maxwell & Williams

At heart, Maxwell & William’s promise holds true to the foundations it was built upon: “exceptional quality and the affordable lifestyle choices that each range creates.” We are thrilled to now be stocking Maxwell & Williams, you can browse the 8 collections we stock here. But if that seems like to much effort then just sit back and relax as we walk you through our favourite collections.

The brand creates a complete variety of products, each collection is vastly different. Some are simplistic and elegant whilst others are quirky and boho!

1. Cashmere

The Cashmere collection is a beautiful, elegant collection of tableware & drinkware. Made from the highest quality bone china, the pieces have an extraordinary translucence, and a sheen unlike any other. This collection will add a touch of finesse to your dinning experience, ideal for special occasions or for when you fancy adding a little class to your everyday crockery! 

2. Diamonds

Similarly to Cashmere, the Diamonds collection is the perfect simple collection that would suit any home. The collection is made from prestige quality porcelain and offers a fantastic sheen. Diamonds by Maxwell & Williams is the perfect middle ground for those who want a plain, neutral collection of tableware with an essence of quirky design; the embossed diamond pattern on the items glimmers as it catches the light creating a beautiful effect! 

3. Tint

This is by far the most extensive collection of drinkware we stock, and we love each and every piece! The Tint collection is inspired by futuristic ceramics, the smooth ‘satin’ feel of the exteriors is complimented by the glossy coloured interior of each item. The soft palette & simple aesthetic is the ideal way to introduce a subtle splash of colour into your home, the greatest thing about this collection is the freedom you have with the colours. With a choice of 7 gorgeous shades, you can stick to an existing colour scheme and pick matching items, or mix things up and make you own unique collection. The collection features a range of cups & saucers, mugs, canisters, tea pots and some cute little sugar bowls & creamers!

4. Wayfarer

The stunning new Wayfarer collection features a reactive glaze, giving each piece its own distinct and opulent texture. Each item is totally unique and no two pieces are exactly alike, so you can rest assured that your collection is unique to you and nobody else! The rustic nature of the collection is bang on trend, bring a contemporary twist to your dinnerware set. The Wayfarer range is a fantastic way to enjoy dining indoors and out, all year long. Available in three colours, indigo, pebble and smoke, the collection includes a variety of plates, bowls, mugs, platters and serving bowls. So you can mix and match and build your own unique look.

5. Artisan

Inspired by bespoke ceramics, the beautiful Artisan range by Maxwell & Williams has a rustic, handmade feel and light, natural textures. Each piece features a crackle glaze, and each piece is totally unique, no two are the same. The Artisan collection is available in dusk pink, storm grey and cloud blue. Perfect for entertaining

The Maxwell & Williams Artisan range includes a variety of plates, bowls and mugs for all your dining and entertaining needs. Mix and match the complimenting colours to create your very own, unique rustic and bespoke dinner set.

6.  Boho

The stunning Boho range by Maxwell & Williams is inspired by textiles from around the world, from French embroidery to Japanese silks. Vibrant colours and pretty patterns combine to create a beautiful mix of bohemian style plates, bowls, serving platters and accessories.

This eclectic range is sure to make a statement in your home and is perfect for sharing and serving your favourite meals. Mix and match pieces from the beautiful Boho range to create your own distinct and unique style for your table. 

7. Elemental

The stunning Serving Boards from the Elemental range by Maxwell & Williams are designed to emphasise the natural qualities of timber with a simple aesthetic. Coordinate with the earthy palette and unconventional shapes of Elemental platters and bowls for a naturally elegant setting.

We hope you’ve enjoyed indulging in these gorgeous collections as much as we have. Did one in particular catch your eye? If so, why not treat your kitchen today, it deserves it!

Shop our updated product range here!

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