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Introducing Capsules By Silver Mushroom

Capsules By Silver Mushroom

When you’re trying to make your house feel like a home, we know that it’s the styling that brings it to life. A beautiful collection of items arranged on a console table to create the perfect vignette, a carefully curated selection of items for the coffee table, or a vase of arranged faux stems can quickly turn an uninspiring space into one bursting with personality. But those things aren’t always easy to achieve if you don’t have an interior designer to hand or you’re short on time.

So we had an idea. And that’s how the Capsules were born.

We have used our interior design expertise and detailed knowledge of our products to curate some complementary items that you can purchase in one-click. Our creative Director Emmie Brookman explains the idea, “When we’re styling our photoshoots and we have the whole collection in front of us we discover what works well together and it’s not always the obvious combinations. So we wanted to share that with our customers by packaging up those mini collections of products to purchase and display together. It makes it so much easier to ensure that every corner of your house is beautifully styled.

The collection of Capsules includes groups of items that work perfectly together, just like having an interior designer do it for you. Think of a tray with a vase, candle and matches where the colours balance effortlessly, or a book, diffuser, trinket tray and stoneware jug that would add interest to a console table or a shelf. With just one click all your items will arrive together, neatly packaged, so you can put them in place and admire. We’ll also give you ideas on the different ways you can display your items through inspiring videos on our social media channels.

We have also made arranging faux flowers easy, so that you can enjoy the beauty of indoor foliage that lasts. We have removed the hard work by selecting complementary stems and pairing them with beautiful vases, so that you know the proportions will work and you can achieve the desired look without any effort.

So why not treat yourself, or send a capsule to a friend as a housewarming gift? Over time we plan to add to the selection of Capsules, incorporating furniture and other items that we know will look glorious sitting side by side. We’ll review what works and take your feedback and requests on board so that you can style your home with our help.

What could be simpler?

Shop the Capsules Collection here.

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