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Introducing the New Sabatier Noir Range from Creative Tops!

When speaking in kitchen terms, the name Sabatier is synonymous with the highest quality kitchen knives, traditional French craftsmanship and passionate attention to detail. Sabatier has an unsurpassed brand heritage, rooted in the Thiers region of France, and has long been known as the creme de la creme of kitchen knives.

Sabatier is a maker’s mark used by a number of highly regarded knife suppliers in Thiers, to imply top quality kitchen knives, manufactured using a fully forged process and offering the highest quality, efficiency and longevity. Any keen chef, whether amateur or professional will have heard of, and most likely owned, at least one Sabatier knife.

The all new Sabatier Noir range from Creative Tops Ltd is a fine example of traditional Sabatier quality, twinned with fabulous modern functions and classic looks. This lovely range of kitchen knives, tools and accessories are manufactured in France, to the highest standard and are the perfect finishing touch to add to your kitchen, as well as being incredibly practical tools to have to hand whilst preparing and cooking food.

They say a decent quality set of knives is essential for any keen chef, but what about the rest of your tools and utensils? This stunning range includes, as you would expect, top quality kitchen knives, but also offers all the tools and gadgets you could need for everyday cooking, and for your more specialist creations. From a can opener and garlic press to spoons and ladles, to salt and pepper mills, you can apply Sabatier’s high standards to every step of your culinary activities.

The Sabatier Noir range is not only manufactured to the highest standard, but is classic and sophisticated in appearance, and would be at home in any type of kitchen, be it traditional or contemporary. The polished stainless steel heads are strong and durable, while the traditional brass riveted handles ooze quality and style without pretension. The monochrome and steel theme will stand the test of time and outlive many of the more fashionable, colourful kitchen ranges that come and go, and this longevity is also reflected in the construction and function of these tools and gadgets.

The new Sabatier Noir range from Creative Tops Ltd is a sophisticated looking, worthwhile addition to your kitchen that offers traditional quality, contemporary function and unsurpassed style.

Click here to shop the new Sabatier Noir range now.

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