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New Fine Bone China Mugs from Hudsons

Our collection of fine bone china mugs from Hudsons England have long been best sellers of ours, and so we get ourselves all excited every time new stock arrives here at Silver Mushroom headquarters! Manufactured on home turf, in Stoke on Trent by potters who know, quite frankly, everything there is to know about pottery, and featuring designs by a range of fabulous UK based artists, it is no wonder these exceptional quality mugs have a firm fan base in our customers.

These gorgeous mugs make perfect gifts and we have met several customers over time who collect the ranges in full. In particular, the collections featuring our favourite furry friends. When we first started out, we had a decent stock of the Anna Danielle at The Little Dog Laughed Studio range; a beautiful collection of humorous designs featuring horses, dogs and cats displaying their quirky personalities in ways the humans that love them will have come to know very well. This collection remained one of the most sought after throughout its time with us, and we were very sad (as were our customers) when it was discontinued.

Next up was the fabulous Trumpers World range, which was focused more around farmyard animals than house pets, but was every bit as heartfelt and witty as the Anna Danielle collection. The particular favourite amongst our customers seemed to be the lovely “Ladies Who Lunch” design which featured a host of nattering hens, pecking their way across the farmyard. Sadly, times do have to move on and this collection has also been discontinued, although we are very lucky to still have some stocks left of some of these designs, which will be treasured by us until they are purchased and sent to their rightful owner.

Other ranges by Hudsons are always popular but the animal theme is always one that seems to stand out for us at Silver Mushroom (maybe it’s actually our own soft spot for furry friends that makes us subconsciously sell more of these, who knows?). So despite our sadness when our favourite collections are discontinued, you can imagine how ecstatic we were when a brand new collection of animal designs was released by an artist called Katherine Tyrer. We saw them, we loved them and we’ve bought stock of the lot. And we’re hoping you will love them as much as we do.

Katherine Tyrer comes from Kent, and is known for her pet portraiture. Her pictures perfectly capture the personality and spirit of our much loved pets, and these quaint illustrations are simply adorable. The cute drawings are featured both on the inside and outside of the mugs, and feature lovely slogans that caption the pictures perfectly. Whether you’re a dog lover or a cat lover, you will definitely relate to at least one, and most likely all of Katherine’s designs. And if you have an animal lover in your life who has an adored pet, they would be sure to be eternally grateful for a mug that captures the quirks of their pet so well.

We are absolutely thrilled with this new range, and can’t wait to start collecting it for ourselves, but we have shared some of the designs below to see if you agree.

“Well Earned Break”


Dogs love to run and play, and go for walks and when they get home, they love nothing more than a well-earned rest. This design perfectly captures that post walk sleepy pooch, at his most relaxed.

“Waiting Game”


Ever left your dog, and wondered what he does while you aren’t there? He waits patiently for your return…at which point he will most likely dive on you and attempt to lick you to death! Well, he thought you were never coming back, you were gone ten whole minutes!

“Food Glorious Food!”


Never is a dog better at performing tricks, and obeying commands as when there is food glorious food on the agenda.

“Another Walk”


No matter how many times you go for walkies, or how far you went, he will always want to go out with you again and have some more fun together.

“I’m Sure I Left It Here Somewhere”


A ball, a bone, a toy? He knows what it is he’s looking for and he’s pretty sure he knows it’s around here somewhere (he’s usually right)

“A ‘Long’ Day”


It’s a dog’s life they say, and what a life it is! Walks, playing ball, snoozing, barking at the postman…all this adds up to become a very long day, especially for a Daschund!

“Lucky Black Cat”


Everyone knows a black cat is supposed to be lucky, and this little moggie looks set to bring us lots of good fortune (or maybe just some mice and birds, but we love him either way!)

“The Elegant Cat”


Anyone who has a cat will know they have the ability to ooze elegance, sophistication and at times an air of superiority. Anyone who has a cat will also know that they have the ability to act like complete loonies and perform less than perfect acrobatics around the house the rest of the time.

“Cats Sleep Anywhere”


Yep, exactly as it says! Cats will indeed sleep anywhere, usually in the strangest and most inappropriate places they can find. On a laptop when you want to work, on a book you’re trying to read, in a box that needs to go out with the rubbish or on your head while you sleep. But hey, as long as he’s comfortable…..

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