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Kilner: Our top 5 products from our favourite brand

The last two years have been busy ones for the Kilner brand, both with their much loved and cherished traditional glass clip top jars (which have seen a major comeback in the kitchen recently, and are featured in every home magazine and cooking programme in existence) and also with their new products launches that just seem to get better every season! We thought it couldn’t get much better than the Kilner Drinks Dispenser, but then they go and launch a Kilner Butter Churner and matching accessories that is quite simply, to die for. Kilner products are a fantastic way to accessorise your kitchen, make a statement at your parties and to purchase as birthday, Christmas and wedding gifts. We have hand picked our top five favourite Kilner items from the whole range to share with you.

5. Kilner Honey Pot and Beech Wood Dipper:

Kilner honey pot and drizzler

This little beauty was launched in Spring 2015, and is one of the cutest Kilner products available. The compact little jar has all the traditional Kilner charm, but the lovely shape emulates the shape of a bee hive and the beechwood dipper is a lovely accessory to use in conjunction with the honey pot.

Honey boasts a great deal of health benefits including alleviating allergies, boosting memory, aiding sleep as well as being a natural energy booster, cough suppressant and an effective treatment for wounds and burns. It is also a great healthy alternative to sugar in baking, cooking or even in a cup of tea.

4. Kilner Preserve Jars:


Yes, we know these are one of the oldest Kilner products on offer, and probably the simplest (maybe with the exception of the drinking straw!) but the old faithful preserve jar has made it into our top 5 favourites because of its endless uses. Stating the obvious it is a great accessory to store jams, preserves, chutneys and anything else you can make and store in a jar. But then after that, it is a drinking glass, a fun way to serve cocktails, a candle holder. Paint it in chalk paint and use it as a vase, mount it on a board and make a wall mounted utensil jar, plant herbs in it or layer the dry ingredients of a cake mix and gift it to a friend. Endless possibilities from a simple, classic product. And that’s why we love it so!

3. Kilner Spice Jars:

spice jar crate2

These lovely little things were always going to make it into our top 5. A superb way to store and display your spices, these super cute, super quirky little jars make us want to keep our herbs and spices out on display, meaning they are always to hand when we’re cooking and are admired by everyone who sets foot in the kitchen. The wooden Kilner crate which is available in the 20 piece spice jar set gives them a lovely rustic feel to boot. However, the Kilner Spice Jar’s talents do not end with herb and spice storage. Why not use them to serve up sauces and condiments, or fill them with bath salts or body scrub as wedding favours?

2. Kilner Drinks Dispenser:


The absolute Spring/Summer must have, the Kilner Drinks Dispenser, out of all the Kilner products, has probably created the biggest stir to date. The Drinks Dispenser hit the ground running when it was launched in Spring 2014 and is showing no signs of slowing down in popularity. It began with the 8 litre drinks dispenser, but was then joined by the lovely “mini-me” 5 litre version last winter and we have recently seen the launch of the more retro looking Square 8 litre dispenser.

1. Kilner Butter Churner:

Kilner butter churner lifestyle

In our top spot this year, is our ultimate favourite Kilner product, the Kilner Butter Churner. We absolutely love home made food and drinks, so we were very excited to learn we could now churn our own butter at home, in only ten minutes. Not only is this Butter Churner super easy to use, but it looks great. Based on the original Kilner jar design, this lovely piece is ideal for those of you out there who love to experiment in the kitchen and make as much from scratch as possible. It also looks uber cool on display and makes a unique, imaginative gift.

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