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Refresh Your Home By Decorating Your Walls

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When you consider decorating your home, the walls often take a back seat. They can usually become overlooked and underestimated. We can all add a fresh coat of paint but there is more to wall decorating. It is about injecting your personality and creating a wow factor by embellishing those blank walls with stunning home decor. Here are some creative ideas to refresh your home decor through your walls, including hanging plant pots, panelling and wall clocks.

Add Greenery To Your Walls

The notion of bringing the outdoors inside is not new but it has evolved beyond mere potted plants. The simple addition of plants can breathe life into any room, turning it into a vibrant and inviting space. Move beyond the traditional potted plants with the following creative options:

Hanging Plant Pots

Hanging plant pots are a fantastic way to integrate nature into your home while saving precious floor space. Consider installing a series of hanging planters near windows, in corners or even as a centrepiece in your living space. Opt for a variety of plants to add to your hanging planters to add texture and colours to your walls.

Terracotta Wall Pots

Introduce terracotta wall pots to your home decor to bring a touch of earthy sophistication to your walls. The warm tones and natural textures will ground your space and create an inviting scene. Consider arranging them in strategic patterns to highlight specific areas of your room.

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Climbing Plants

Explore new heights by introducing climbing plants into your home. Firstly, you will require a sturdy base to grow your plants. A great example of this is the House Doctor Rustic Concrete Vase. Plant your delicate climbing plants in this sturdy and stylish vase and watch them grow. You can decide in which direction you wish for the plant to grow. Place the vase low down and provide support pillars for the plant to grow upwards. Alternatively, place the vase high up and watch the plant effortlessly hang over the sides and cascade downwards. Either combination not only infuses your space with refreshing greenery but also transforms the vase into a unique and eye-catching focal point.

Wall Panelling

Consider exploring the transformative power of wall panelling in your home. This trend reached new popular heights in 2022 and is still growing strong with millions adding panelling to their walls. You can choose from a variety of panelling options, from classic wood to modern geometric designs.

Not only does wall panelling add visual interest, but it also brings a sense of texture and depth to your walls. It creates a luxurious backdrop for other decorative elements. Experiment with different panelling patterns to find the one that resonates with your style. The versatility of wall panelling allows you to tailor your decor to suit both classic and modern interior themes.

Hang Items Off Your Wall When Decorating

From functional storage solutions to aesthetically pleasing displays, the act of hanging items off your walls opens up a world of design opportunities. This innovative approach not only maximizes your space but also adds a personalised touch to your decor.

Wall Hangings and Wall Art

Wall hangings and artwork pieces are a versatile and expressive way to decorate your walls. Whether it is a handcrafted textile, a woven tapestry or a macramé masterpiece, a wall hanging can instantly transform a space. Consider creating a gallery wall with an assortment of wall hangings and pieces of wall art for a personalised touch.

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Add Baskets To Your Wall

Baskets on the wall serve a dual purpose – they offer stylish storage solutions while contributing to the overall aesthetic of the room. The primary function of wall mounted baskets is to provide practical and stylish storage solutions. Consider using them to store cosy blankets, neatly folded and easily accessible for chilly evenings. Magazines, newspapers or books can also find a tidy home within these baskets, keeping your reading materials organised and within arm’s reach. They can be useful in kitchens to tidy away cooking utensils or used in a bathroom for grooming products. By incorporating baskets into your wall decor, you not only declutter your space but also introduce a chic and organised touch to your room.

Wall Clocks

The addition of a wall clock is a subtle yet impactful element that can transform a space with both aesthetic charm and functional purpose. Beyond the obvious use of keeping time, a well chosen wall clock serves as a stylish accessory that complements the overall design scheme of a room. The careful selection of a clock can introduce an additional layer of texture, colour and personality to a space. Whether it is a vintage inspired piece in a rustic setting or a sleek, contemporary design in a modern interior, a wall clock can reflect the homeowner’s taste. Furthermore, the rhythmic ticking or silent sweep of a clock’s hands can add a soothing sound dimension to a room that creates a sense of calm.


Mirrors are fantastic for enhancing the appeal of your spaces. Not only do they double up as functional items for getting ready but they also add several design benefits too. First and foremost, they create the illusion of brighter and more spacious rooms. Mirrors can be introduced into various areas, whether it’s a bedroom, hallway or dining area. Depending on the interior ambience you desire, mirrors can be either hung on walls or leaned against them. For an added dimension to your mirror arrangement, consider incorporating a wall mirror shelf. This additional shelf can be utilised to showcase extra decorative items or everyday essentials like bathroom toiletries.

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How To Decorate Walls

The transformation and redecoration of your living spaces involves more than just furniture arrangement and colour schemes. Your walls are an essential canvas waiting to showcase your creativity and personality. By embracing these creative ideas, you can turn your walls into home decor masterpieces that not only reflect your individuality but also elevate the overall aesthetic of your home. Whether it’s the introduction of hanging planters, installing a wall hanging or the addition of a wall mirror shelf, each element contributes to a visually stunning living space.

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