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Serving in Style with Master Class Artesa

This Autumn we are thrilled to introduce the Master Class Artesa range by Kitchen Craft. This stunning range of table ware and serving pieces are created from an eye-catching blend of wood, slate, glass and copper. These natural materials look rustic yet sophisticated and are a great way to dress up your table and entertain in style.

Each piece in the Master Class Artesa range is unique in both appearance and function, from copper coated fondue sets ideal for a party or a fun night in, to wood and slate serving stands perfect for serving up appetisers, entrées or even afternoon tea.


This gorgeous range will blend in perfectly with any style of kitchen or dining room, and offers a vast range of gifts perfect for the keen entertainer. Stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces such as the Master Class Artesa Copper Fondue Set and The Master Class Artesa Tabletop Pizza Oven make a statement and offer a night in with a difference, where you’ll be sure to impress your dinner guests with these fun and original ways of dining at home, while the Master Class Artesa Copper Bowls and Glass Cloches offer a more stylish solution to your every day dinner ware.


Recent years have seen a growth in popularity of entertaining at home, and people in the UK today are every bit as happy to have friends and family round for dinner in their own home, as they are to fork out for expensive restaurants. You can choose your own menu, keep costs down, make as much noise as you want and you don’t need to book a taxi home. Shows such as Come Dine With Me have only fuelled this further, and the competition is strong to see who can throw the best dinner party. And although the quality of food and wine is still an important factor, the experience as a whole is what scores the brownie points. And part of the dining experience is, of course, in the presentation. The Master Class Artesa range caters to this perfectly and ensures your food and drink holds its own in the competition for who can put on the best dining experience at home.


The Master Class mini frying pans and mini casserole dishes are perfect to serve up individual portions, while more sociable pieces such as the Master Class Artesa Wood and Slate Two Tier Serving Stand take care of the shared courses, such as a cheese board, appetisers or a traditional afternoon tea with sandwiches and cakes.


The Master Class brand is known for premium quality products to cater to all your cooking needs, from carbon steel baking trays to stainless steel pans, and these new tabletop additions complete this range of top quality yet affordable kitchen ware. Whether you’re looking for good quality kitchen essentials, or something sophisticated and original, make it Master Class.


Keep an eye on our Master Class page for more fantastic products coming soon!

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