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The Bohemian Style… How to decorate your room

The bohemian style is full of colour, lively accessories and aesthetically pleasing decorations. If you love comfort and lots of plants then this post is for you.

Bohemian style has changed quite a lot over the recent years making it more sophisticated and eclectic but when it comes to decorating your room or house there are no specific rules. You can make it as lively and colourful as you want or simply and neutral with accent accessories, the choice is yours.

Below are some of the examples of a bohemian style rooms which can help you give an idea of a boho decor and inspire you to decorate your room in this theme.


  • neutral colours with accent accessories – a very popular way to decorate a bedroom or a living room in beige and white colours. It is a simple and aesthetically pleasing way to decorate your room in this colour palette without much hassle.A great way to start is painting your room in neutral colours then adding the furniture and accessoires to match the theme.  If you are looking for a neutral and accent decorations check out our range of Boho Furniture and accessories, you won’t regret it.



  • colourful and bright – big bright carpets and lots of green plants gives us the true boho vibes, great to express your creativity and ideas. Like we said above, this theme lets your creativity take a lead and express yourself in bright and eye catching decor. The boho style rugs are a great way to add colour to the room and make it stand out. Adding lots of green plants will help you achieve this boho vibe and if you are not into live plants or not really good at keeping them alive then choose an artificial plant which can give you the same effect.



  • lots of pillows and comfy blankets makes the room look cosy and homely. Add pillows in different colours and patterns to make the room more lively and colourful. If you want to give your. room that romantic boho vibe then add some candles and voila… you’ve achieved the bohemian style.  You can find your perfect cozy bedding at Silver Mushroom.


What do you think about boho decor ? Have you decorated your room in this theme or are you thinking about it?

Let us know in the comments ♥

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