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Top 10 Essentials For A Cosy Home

cosy home essentials

A blog about our top 10 essentials for a cosy home.As the cooler months approach, we find ourselves drawn to the comforts of indoor living. And In these moments, the idea of nesting gains a deeper significance, inviting us to transform our homes into havens of cosiness and tranquility. With plush woollen blankets, warm ambient lighting, and the subtle allure of scented candles, you can create a space that will bring you warmth, even on the dreariest of days. 

1. Warm & Cosy Soy Candle 

Transport yourself to a fireside retreat, wrapped in snug blankets, wearing your favourite PJ’s. Enriched with hints of pine, orange, cinnamon, cypress, and fir, the Warm and Cozy soy candle infuses the air with the essence of the season. Earning the esteemed title of “Best Fall Candle Overall” by Forbes Vetted in 2022, this candle stands as the perfect autumnal companion. 

Enriched with hints of pine, orange, cinnamon, cypress, and fir, this candle is an ideal companion for autumn, evoking a truly comforting ambiance.

2. Bloomingville Maddeleine Tangerine Throw

Having served you well during summer gathering, it’s now time for your blankets to find a new purpose as you cosy up on the sofa. Beyond its luxurious softness, the Maddeleine Throw boasts vivid tangerine tones that beautifully encapsulate the spirit of the upcoming season.

Having been a faithful companion during summer gatherings and fireside evenings, your blankets are now ready to embark on a new journey of coziness as you snuggle up on the sofa. The lively tangerine shades of the Maddeleine Throw not only evoke the vibrancy of summer but also encapsulate the essence of the upcoming autumn season.

3. Silver Mushroom Label Rattan Log Basket 

If there is one thing that will invite you inside, it’s the warmth of a crackling fire. Yet, the chore of frequent outdoor trips for firewood dampens this experience. Here, the Silver Mushroom Label Rattan Basket presents the ideal solution. It elegantly cradles your firewood, ensuring your evenings by the fire remain undisturbed. It can also be used to house an abundance of blankets and snug cushions, neatly resolving your storage needs.

A stylish rattan basket, perfect for housing your firewood, baskets or even books.

4. Broste Copenhagen Nordic Sand Mega Mug 

Bid goodbye to iced coffees and say hello to pumpkin spiced lattes! We believe there is something undeniably comforting about a warm drink on a cold day, so why not indulge in a good mug to elevate the experience? Inspired by the Scandinavian beaches, the Nordic Sand Mega Mugs boast a captivating creamy hue, adorned with delicate sandy specks. 

Crafted from the highest quality ceramics, featuring an exquisite rustic Scandinavian design, and boasting an impeccable finish. The Nordic Sand mugs exhibit a captivating creamy hue adorned with delicate sandy specks that grace the entirety of the glaze.

5. Mason Cash 32cm Mixing Bowl 

As autumn approaches, it’s time for one thing: food, and lots of it! So why not treat your loved ones to a batch of homemade cinnamon rolls or a freshly baked pumpkin pie? In our opinion, we believe the quality of your bakeware makes all the difference, and that’s why we recommend using the Mason Cash 32cm Mixing Bowl. Crafted from chip-resistant earthenware, this durable piece is perfect for making doughs, batters and pastries.

With a glossy cane finish and crisp white interior this mixing bowl oozes quintessential British style. Crafted from chip-resistant earthenware, this durable piece is perfect for making doughs, batters and pastries.

6. Hebden Mélange Stripe Duvet Cover Set – Natural

Lets set the scene. It’s a chilly autumn evening and you’re nestled in bed with a comforting cup of coffee. For such moments, we recommend the Hebden Mélange Stripe Duvet Cover Set. Its opulent softness and remarkable style guarantee to ensure a restful nights sleep. The duvet set displays a reversible mélange print, while the accompanying pillowcases are adorned with Oxford borders, creating a laid-back appearance.

 The reversible subtle mélange print provides a luxurious woven striped appearance. The included matching pillowcases creates a simple yet relaxed look with their Oxford Borders; alongside the reversible stripe design that adds an effortless relaxed look to your bedroom.

7. Hello Fall Reed Diffuser 

As the air turns crisp, the stove comes to life, enveloping the surroundings with the cosy scent of cinnamon, apples, and cloves. A cup of hot cider in hand, you warmly welcome the arrival of fall. Crafted using non-toxic, cruelty-free fragrance oils, this diffuser has the power to transport your senses to a serene autumn paradise.

A beautiful reed diffuser in an amber bottle. Warm and inviting aromas of cinnamon, apples, and cloves fill the air. You pour yourself a cup of hot cider. Hello, Fall!

8. House Doctor Simple Natural Cushion Cover 

 A well-placed cushion can instantly invite you to unwind, creating a sense of relaxation and serenity. Whether scattered across a sofa, nestled in a reading nook, or gracing a bed, cushions have the remarkable power to make your home feel irresistibly snug and inviting. While it is a new addition to our cushion collection, the Simple Natural Cushion Cover has swiftly claimed its spot at the top of our list. 

. Crafted from cotton in a thick weave, it brings a delightful soft texture to your sofa, armchair, or bed. The neutral background is adorned with woven stripes, granting the cushion cover a casual and timeless design.

9. Also Home Faux Sheepskin Hot Water Bottle Cover

While cosy home essentials, such as blankets, are all well and good, it’s the finishing touches that’ll keep you extra toasty. Consider treating yourself to a quality hot water bottle, complete with a cuddle worthy cover. Allow us to introduce the faux sheepskin hot water bottle by Also Home. Carefully crafted from the softest fabric we could find, it is the ideal companion for keeping you warm during the crisp autumn days.

This beautiful hot water bottle cover is made from the softest fabric we could find. Finished in a light brown colour, it is incredibly stylish and perfect for keepingnyou warm on the brisk autumn days.

10. Nkuku Amelia Rug 

As the mornings grow colder, you can find immediate comfort in stepping onto a soft rug. With their different textures, colours, and patterns, rugs create a warm and familiar atmosphere, making your space feel personal and inviting. Blending cotton and recycled PET yarns, the Nkuku Amelia Rug features a distressed, vintage-inspired design. Its natural tones provide an ideal backdrop for any interior style, allowing for your creativity to run wild. 

A neutral coloured rug with a vintage inspired design. Made from cotton and recycled PET yarns.


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