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Top 5 Ways to Enjoy Your Own Company

Hi guys, we hope you are all safe and well at this pressing time. Over the coming weeks it is more than likely than we will have to isolate ourselves due to the Covid-19 outbreak, some of you might already be doing so. Whilst this is widely seen as a negative situation, we must do our best to take some positives from the isolate we are about to face; these tips will come in handy long after the Pandemic has passed and are good practise for leading a happier healthier life. Please be sure to read our previous blog on the foods than are scientifically proven to make you happier, you can view it here.  Without further ado, please read the following tips for enjoying your own company and making the most of isolation.

1) Get to Know Yourself

There is a lot to be said for actually getting a deeper understanding of yourself, it gives us a great foundation of confidence to build from in life, be it when forming new relationships and friendships, nailing that job interview or simply inspiring your loved ones. So how do we actually get to know ourselves? Think of yourself as a new person that you are meeting for the first time, somebody you want to get to know better. Ask yourself questions and write down the answers (after all- we are isolated so nobody is going to snoop through your journal!), what was your childhood like? Who do you treasure most? When do you feel the most relaxed? What are your smallest victories and biggest successes? What mistakes have taught you the most valuable lessons? They don’t all have to be profound questions and answers, it can be as small as your favourite breakfast to eat that makes you really happy!

If you need some inspo, here are 10 thought provoking questions to get you started:

1. What is my secret passion? (Are you a secret car singer? Do you dance whilst nobody is home?)

2. What are my biggest fears?

3. What is my quirkiest personality feature?

4. If money was no object, what would you be doing a month from now?

5. If I have to move to a dessert island, which 3 things would I take with me? (these can be people)

6. Am I holding on to things I need to let go of?

7. If you could gain a new skill this year what would it be?

8.What small act of kindness was I once shown that I will never forget and why?

9. Is there anything I would like to change about myself? Why?

10. (Most Importantly..) What are the things I am the most grateful for in my life right now? These can be tiny or colossal, go crazy! 

Remember, be nice and big yourself up as high as you possibly can- nobody is ever going to read this list so don’t even think about what they might say.

2) Plan a Self-Care Day

finding yourself

Now you have a fresh outlook on yourself you can plan yourself the perfect self-care day. Now we don’t mean just smearing on a face-mask and hopping in a bubble bath with a glass of red (whilst that would of course be lovely), we want you to think a little deeper about exactly what makes YOU feel great. This will be different for everybody but we would recommend the following tips for feeling amazing and rejuvenated:

  • Step one is to set an intention for your self care day- do you want to clean the entire house and then relax in your clean abode, do you want to fully switch off from the world and normal life, do you want to be calmer?
  • Don’t set an alarm – let your body wake up naturally, if that means waking up at 11am then so bit it- this is your day!
  • Get those windows open -fresh air will make you feel clean and fresh, who doesn’t love that?
  • Avoid using electronic devices for a few hours- don’t go on your phone and avoid that TV for the first hour of your day. This might sound silly but you will feel the benefits, we promise. Check out this article on why we should avoid the smartphone in the mornings.
  • Hydrate with water – drink little and often throughout the day this will cleanse your body inside and out.
  • Stretch – this is a great way to gently get your blood flowing and release any tension, it also a very addictive habit once you start getting more flexible.
  • Practise meditating – simply take a few deep breaths envisioning in your mind exhaling anxiety and inhaling all the positivity the day might bring. If you haven’t meditated before, check out this guided video.
  • Connect with those who make you feel good – obviously during self isolation this will be over Facetime or a call, but why not call that long long bestie, your mother or grandparents? They will appreciate your call!

3) Plan For The Future

Image result for spa day with friends

Having things to look forward to in the not so distant future can have a significant impact on your mental state. It gives you a focus, something to look forward to, something to work towards. This can be incredibly powerful for those of us who tend to feel a little lost, or stuck in our daily routine. Book or plan both things that will push you outside of your comfort zone and spice up your focus and things that you simply know you will enjoy! No matter how small or big, this is definitely our favourite step. We recommend the following:

  • If sports is your thing why not book something that challenges you, be it a 5K or a full blown marathon, or maybe even a sponsored walk. Remember the goal is that this is something you will need to put in training for, not something you can do next week.
  • Plan a weekend in a city you’ve never been to, mini breaks are great for resetting our minds and exciting out inner traveller without breaking the bank.
  • Book a solo trip, this is enough to push the bravest of the brave outside of their comfort zone.
  • Plan a lunch date with your mother or a loved one that you don’t see too often, you will both benefit from the quality time
  • Book a concert for your favourite musician.
  • Book a spa day with your bestie.

4) Learn To Be More Productive

Image result for tidying up

This is a great way to spend your time, especially during self-isolation, rather than twiddling your thumbs wandering what TV show to binge on all day why not sit down and organise all those nitty gritty things that you always mean to do but never get round too. Why not try the following:

  • Improve your finances- of course, this is a time of financial uncertainty and might mean for a few weeks of being a little or a lot more savvy with out money but that is a great skill to have for when this tense time has passed. Do some work on budgeting, this article is very helpful!
  • Cull your wardrobe- most of us are guilty of hoarding far more items of clothing than we actually need. If you can handle the initial stress of it, we suggest emptying the whole wardrobe out on to your bed and sorting into 3 categories – to keep, to sell and to donate to the charity shop.
  • Gut your house- yes, you heard us. Empty those clutter draws, under the stairs, that secret cupboard of clutter that you hide from your friends out of shame, organise your house top to bottom, you will feel amazing once it’s all done.
  • Thoroughly Clean your house- following the previous step, it’s now time to clean! Beach your toilets and hoover your empty draws- you know what they say, tidy house = tidy mind.
  • Make both a ‘To-Do’ and a ‘Not-To-Do’ list, this can include anything and everything, for example our ‘not-to-do’ list includes not binge watching trash TV and eating the family sized bag of crisps.
  • Set yourself a morning alarm and a bed time, stick to them whenever you can, your body will love the routine and you’ll begin to feel more energised!
  • Last but not least- watch some Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix- this show will inspire you to organise every aspect of your life and enjoy the process.

5) Create a Vision-Board

Image result for dream board pretty

Our last and final tip for enjoying your own company is to set aside a chunk of time to create yourself the perfect ‘vision board’. No this is not your high-school art class, we are not going to ask you to stick some pretty pictures to a piece of paper and call it a day; this is an activity that can have some serious positive-impact on the route your life takes going forwards. If you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction then vision-boarding is under the same lovely umbrella. The focus is on visualisation, this is the first step of turning something into a reality. A vision board can be whatever you want it to be, if you have old magazines lying around- great, if you have a printer- even better.

The goal is to fill a large piece of paper with pictures of things that inspire you. It could be pictures of places you want to go, a body you want to achieve, a job you want to land or a lifestyle that you aspire to lead, literally anything. The idea is that if you visualise your goals every single day you are more likely to achieve them, they will sit in the back of your mind pushing you onwards every single day.

Whilst we appreciate that to some of you this might sound a little ‘hippieish’ it is a great activity for your mind and has helped lots of people. It resets your focus onto something positive, which is a skill in itself! For more information on just how to create the perfect vision board checkout this article on How and Why Vision Boards Can Change Your Life & How To Make One.

While this is a time of uncertainty and fear we have to remember the bigger picture. If ourselves and our loved ones have our health then we really have it all. This down time is an opportunity to do some serious work on you, your mind-set and your future life. It is a one off opportunity to have the time to press that reset button on life, and press it hard!  

Sending all of our love to you all, 

The Silver Mushroom Team 

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  1. Uwe Strecker says:

    A great idea from you helping to make this hard times easier

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