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Trigger Warning* A Quick Note About Mother’s Day

We wanted to be open about our Mother’s Day content once again this year. ⁠

We know that for some people seeing content about Mother’s Day can be very difficult and even triggering. We wanted to give anybody who may feel this way a chance to mute us for a couple of weeks (only if you promise to come back though), just until things are back to normal on the 20th March.⁠

We are a small business and we can’t risk not promoting our Mother’s Day campaign as we provide lots of gifts for those fortunate enough to celebrate the occasion. This can be viewed here.

As always we want our community to be an uplifting and inspiring place, not somewhere that makes people feel sad. So if you want to take a little break, we totally understand, just don’t forget to set a reminder on March 20th to come right back once things return to normal 👋🏽😚⁠

Becky & Emmie  x

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