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Ever Wondered What is on Our CEO’s Wish List?

The big cheese, head honcho, our CEO, Rebecca. It is unlikely to come as a surprise to you that our founder, Rebecca, loves all things homeware. Founding Silver Mushroom 12 years ago out of this very passion, Rebecca’s taste has evolved over the years and we thought what better to do than to take a peek at her very own wish list? Don’t worry, we have of course asked her permission before divulging any of her favourites.

Rebecca is actually undergoing a full home renovation of her Tockholes home, where she picked and packed the very first Silver Mushroom orders all those years ago. She assured us that this was quite the full circle moment for her.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into Rebecca’s wish list. Starting in the kitchen.

  1. Silver Mushroom Label Hans Farmhouse Table

Rebecca has pretty much planned her entire kitchen around our beautiful Hans Farmhouse dining table, and we don’t blame her. This classic farmhouse style table is made from a beautiful reclaimed Elm wood giving it depth and character. It’s the perfect focal point of a room, subtle enough to sit in harmony with the surrounding decor without being mundane and boring. The Hans is definitely high up on Rebecca’s wish list, we can just picture her and her little girl Charlotte at the table working on homework or just having a simple home cooked meal.

3. The White SMEG Collection

The classic glossy white appliances from SMEG are on Rebecca’s list, in particular the Kettle, 4 slice Toaster and the Espresso Machine. They sit perfectly amongst her clean, cottage kitchen aesthetic. 

4. Silver Mushroom Label XL White Alang Alang Scented Diffuser

Scent is hugely important for finishing off a space, Rebecca’s all time favourite scent is our White Alang Alang Diffuser. She has one next to her desk in the office at all times so we weren’t surprised to see that it had made it to her wish list for her home reno. This lovely diffuser has a totally unique smell, with notes of Tonka and Clove, it smells luxurious yet inviting, it’s truly very special.

5. Also Home Tore Mango Wood Lamp

A new addition to our collection was the Tore lamp Rebecca’s wish list is the Tore Lamp. This beautiful hand carved lamp is the perfect marriage of traditional farmhouse style and modern rustic charm. The mango wood body is lightly white washed for a fresh, calming vibe. Rebecca has this beauty earmarked for her cosy living space once the cottage is ready to style.

6. Also Home Linan Stripe Cotton Throw

Rebecca is a sucker for a throw blanket and the Linan Stripe Cotton Throw is no exception to the rule, this beauty has been one of her all time favourite launches from the brand Also Home. Loving it’s natural textures and subtle stripes Rebecca is planning on draping the Linan throw over the cuddle chair in her lounge. Knowing her, she’ll invest in two and have one on her bed too! 

7. Also Home Olivia White Ruffle Cushion

You can’t have a throw blanket without a scatter pillow. Well, you can, but we don’t recommend it. Rebecca has the Olivia Ruffle cushion earmarked for her sofa to add a subtle feminine touch to her home. The frills on this linen cushion are a great way to add in a softer element to the space, with traditional farmhouse furniture there can be a lot of chunky pieces and straight edges, by adding in a few varied elements such as frills or flowers you can balance out the space perfectly. We think Rebecca’s choice of the Olivia would be the perfect finishing touch to her country home with her daughter Charlotte, a girly nest where the two of them can enjoy their time together.

Olivia White Ruffle Cushion 65x65cm

8. Spa Day Soy Candle In Amber Jar

Rebecca didn’t hesitate when adding the Spa Day candle to her wish list. She is a sucker for a sweet candle that doesn’t smell like bubble gum, something classy with a little musk. The Spa Day candle has scent notes of Jasmine, Sea Salt, Wood and Cream and trust us, it smells gorgeous. Rebecca also said that she can’t remember the last time she had a Spa Day so this candle makes her bath time that little bit more special, she assured us that all mums and small business owners would be able to relate. 

At least we know what to buy Rebecca for her birthday this year. 

Spa Day Soy Candle In Amber Jar

9. Nkuku Adya Linen Bedding in Natural

The Nkuku Adya Bedding collection is Rebecca down to a T. From it’s super soft feel to it’s natural textures and neutral colouring, we were not surprised to see this one pop up on her wish list. Rebecca’s favourite detail on the set is the little bow ties along the foot of the duvet cover and pillow cases, a lovely finishing touch that again, adds in that all important feminine touch. 

10. Nkuku Kanz Mango Wood Bedside Table

A beautiful touch to any bedroom is a pair of matching bedside tables, to keep the clutter at bay and provide a handy space for your phone or your favourite book. Rebecca’s love for the Kanz has been very real ever since we began stocking them this year. She said she loves the open style shelf paired with the cane drawer, so you can have the best of both worlds- a beautiful little space to create a vignette and a concealed draw to hide the clutter, win win. 

We hope you have enjoyed this sneak peak into our CEO, Rebecca’s wish list. Her lovely, down to earth, laid back style has us craving a countryside retreat or weekend away. We can’t wait to see how she styles her picks in her newly finished cottage.

With love, 
Emmie x

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