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We made a Silver Mushroom TV Ad

And just like that, the secret is out.

Today marks the launch of our biggest campaign to date, our TV Advert. As a small business, never in our wildest dreams did we imagine we would be launching our own television ad. We’re over the moon with the finished result and we hope you are too. If you just can’t wait to watch we’ll pop the link below. 

From start to finish, the making of this ad was a dream. From the wonderful production team at Universal TV Media to our fabulous warehouse staff helping Emmie to gather a ridiculous amount of stock in our office, we’re grateful for every single helping hand. 

Where can we see the ad?

Our add will be running throughout November on Saturdays and Sundays on ITVBe, our favourite channel! The first showing is at 13:05pm, this Saturday 6th November. We hope you tune in!

What was the vision for the ad?

The vision behind our ad was to showcase our signature Smush style. The phrase ‘Smush’ simply means to Silver Mushroom-ify your home, we often refer to the business as ‘Smush’. Our founder, Rebecca, has always had a strong vision for Silver Mushroom, she has always strived for top quality products that have Soft-Scandi features, blended seamlessly with the rustic charm of an English Farmhouse. Thus, our signature ‘Smush’ style was born. 

Our style is timeless, it does not follow fast-fashion trends. The products seen in our ad are quality, timeless pieces from our collection that you can enjoy season upon season, year upon year, without feeling the need to replace or swap out. We choose our products with the aim of helping our customers to fill their homes with items they cherish, to create a place they love and feel proud of. 

Aside from demonstrating our style, our vision for our TV ad was to show any new faces the quality and beauty of our products, and show how seamlessly they sit amongst one-another. We are pretty pleased with the end result, not to blow our own trumpet!

Where did you film the ad?

The location for the shoot was our family home in Pleasington, Lancashire UK, a quaint village surrounded by fields, woods and a stream. This is our favourite place in the world, our family home, it’s filled with memories we cherish, it’s also our biggest style inspiration for Silver Mushroom. The filming location was never up for debate, we knew we wanted to shoot here. 

Our family home, having inspired both mine (Emmie) and Rebecca’s style felt fitting to shoot the ad in. Our products are used and loved here by the whole family and the style of the house just fits our ‘style’ perfectly. Our Mum was thrilled as her house got a little update of new stock in the weeks before the ad, so there were no complaints from her during filming, surprise surprise! We’d like to thank our Mum again for allowing us to shoot and style her beautiful house. 

How did filming go?

The day was a total breeze, we prepared the house way in advance, partially out of excitement and partially to prevent any unfortunate events happening. We all arrived early and in good spirits, our makeup artist worked her wonders, we all had a coffee together and then the cameras started rolling. Honestly, from start to finish the day was fantastic. Apart from me, Emmie, struggling to put a teapot down in the right spot and having to do about 30 takes, it all went well. We can’t all be perfect!

We can’t wait to film our second ad. 

Where can I shop the ad?

We have curated a collection of every single products that we styled in the house, from the shelf decor in the lounge to the cookware in the kitchen, it’s all available for you to browse. 

Take a look here. 

Please let us know what you think of the ad, we’d love for feedback. 

Best wishes,
Emmie & Rebecca x

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