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Try These 5 Ideas For A Beautiful Bedroom

Whatever style of home you live in, whether it’s a modern studio apartment or a rustic farmhouse full of character, your bedroom should be a relaxing and cosy space in which you enjoy spending time. So, whether you’re having a little refresh of your existing bedroom space, going wild with a spare bedroom, or starting from scratch, these 5 ideas will help to guide you on your way to creating a dreamy sanctuary without spending a fortune. 

We will be drawing inspiration from our beautiful bedding collection, if you simply can’t wait, you can take a look here

Your bedroom is a very personal space, we urge you to lean into your preferences and finishing touches that make you feel something rather than following a style from a magazine because it’s popular. Of course, everybody needs inspiration but the end result will be far more pleasing to you if you truly follow your heart on this one.

For those of you who know our Silver Mushroom store well you will know we have a very specific style when it comes to our product offering- it’s something we pride ourselves on! We wanted to make designing your bedroom as straightforward and simple as possible so we have broken our bedroom collections down into two essential edits. Firstly, Cottage Core– the trend that has taken social media by storm by merging farmhouse with bohemian styles into one adorably quaint package. If this sounds like your dream then take a look at the Cottage Core Edit here. Secondly, Minimal Scandi, something we are big fans of here at Silver Mushroom, it’s minimalism but with that essential softness that the Scandinavian style brings. Again, if this sounds more you then take a look here.

Now we’ve discovered the style you’re going for, let’s talk the 5 key ideas for creating your beautiful bedroom. 

1. Curate Your Colour Scheme

Consider this the foundations of your bedroom. Your palette may be creamy neutrals for a tranquil, calming vibe or bold, bright colours for an inspiringly daring feel. We recommend considering how you want to feel in the room, different colours can have an incredible impact on our mood. There have been many studies done on the psychology of colour, we find the topic fascinating, you can read more about it here. In short, red tones are associated with passion and love, orange tones can evoke playfulness and positivity, blue tones are associated with peace and dependability whilst green tones are linked with feelings of calmness. Interesting isn’t it? 

If you’re new to interior design, why not opt for a creamy neutral colour scheme and try out accessorising with your chosen accent colour. We love experimenting with cushions & throws to bring in a pop of colour here or there. Faux flowers are also a fantastic way to bring both natural elements and colour into a space.

2. Fabulous Furniture 

Once you have determined your colour scheme, the next, rather obvious, step is to find your bedroom furniture. Unless you have a bedroom large enough for a coffee area (a long term goal of ours) then you only really have to consider two aspects of furniture in your bedroom. A bed, which is likely going to be your focal point and your storage pieces

Perhaps you love the traditional, very pretty, box spring bed with a soft finish headboard or maybe you prefer the Scandi Minimal choice of a simple wooden or metal bed frame. One top tip we have is to not shy away of large furniture, even if you have a smaller room. This may sound counter intuitive but it’s a known fact amongst designers that when you put itsy-bitsy furniture into a small room, it will always make it feel smaller! Over-scaling your furniture (within reason) can have a purposeful and impressive look. 

Once you have ticked off the bed you will need bedside tables and some sort of storage. If your bedroom has built in wardrobes then you may only need a small chest of drawers, if you’ve mastered the art of minimalism then hey, why not completely skip the storage and opt for a simple but effective mini-shelves for bedside tables? We also love a rustic wooden stool as a bedside option, not only do they keep the room open, they look darn cute whilst doing it. Our biggest piece of advice here is to keep your bedroom clutter free, resting in a neat and tidy environment can actually aid sleep.

3. Buttery Soft Bed Linen

Often an afterthought when designing a bedroom, your bed linen is potentially one of the most important elements of a bedroom. Why put so much time and effort into creating a beautiful space and then fill the focal point with nothing but plain white sheets? They sound crisp and clean yes.. but without some scatter cushions and a throw or bedspread they will totally detract from your carefully curated space. 

Investing in good quality bedding is a must in our opinion, no matter what your budget, we recommend opting for the best you can afford. Good quality sheets can make for a brilliant nights sleep, they are also a million times better for your hair and skin, but we’ve leave that topic for the beauty bloggers! So, whether you fancy adding a little texture and colour or are set on keeping things clean and white, take a look at our bedding collection here.

If you are opting for plain white, be sure to take a look at our throw blankets here, just a slight contrast on your bed can tie your room together making it feel purposefully curated and finished. 

4. Layered Lighting

Lighting, a key element in any space is potentially most important in your bedroom. Think of the early mornings before work where you need to feel fresh, clear minded and efficient. Having dim and moody lighting, positioned at eye level, has never inspired anybody to get moving and get downstairs to make their morning coffee. A central ceiling light to brighten your entire room is key for bringing your bedroom to life during the day. We love statement ceiling lights, especially if you have high ceilings, having a large and interesting pendant light can ground the room. Contrary to our earlier point on over-scaling furniture in small bedrooms, we recommend skipping the large statement light if you have low ceilings as they will instantly crowd your room, your light shouldn’t be anywhere near eye-height, opt for a smaller compact light if you don’t have tall rooms. Check out our range of ceiling pendants here.

So, bright and light is great for the morning time, but is not so great in the evening. When you’re winding down after a long day, you need low level lighting to create a calming, relaxing environment. Not only will low level lighting create an ambient feel, it will also add some visual interest in the center of your wall space. If you have sufficient room, why not pop matching table lamps on your bedside cabinets? We love table lamps in a bedroom, they are a fantastic way to inject style into your room, they’re also super cosy. 

If your space is limited or you prefer a minimal feel then we recommend opting for wall lights rather than table lamps. Not only do wall lights not require any floor space, they can look incredibly stylish and chic when styled correctly. We always advise keeping your wall lights at the level of your eyes if you were to sit on your bed. This should position them perfectly for reading and relaxing. We have recently added a new range of wall lights to our shop, take a look here

5. Advantageous Accessories 

The last but not least important step is to accessorise, sparingly! It is so easy to over decorate a space, we always opt for less is more when it comes to bedroom decor. No matter what your style, you want your bedroom to feel calm and serene, not full and busy. Why not add a delicate glass jewellery box to your dressing table or simple vase with some faux stems to the top of your dresser or drawers set? Little touches can have a big impact here. 

Another interesting choice we always opt for in a bedroom is to swap candles for diffusers. Diffusers create a subtle, gentle scent consistently in your space. Candles can be strong and overpowering if not chosen carefully. It comes down to personal preference, most of us like some sort of scent in our bedroom, we simply prefer the effortless scent of a diffuser. Check out our collection of both candles and diffusers here

So there you have it, our 5 tips for creating your very own beautiful bedroom. We hope you found this guide useful, be sure to let us know in the comments if so. Or if you have any tips of your own for creating a stunning space!

R & E x

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