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Black Friday Is Cancelled.

Black Friday is Cancelled. Silver Sunday

Black Friday Is Cancelled Again.


The mass consumerism associated with Black Friday doesn’t align with our personal or professional morals, and goes against our brand ethos. When you shop with us we want you to fall in love with your purchases, to cherish them for years to come, and not to simply ‘buy them for the sake of buying them’. This infamous week of shopping doesn’t result in timeless purchases, but impulsive decisions. 

So, this year, for the fourth year running, there will be no promotion of crazy sales. There will be no crazy discounts. But, there will be something better…


What Is Silver Sunday?

Silver Sunday is our response to Black Friday, with the aim of supporting those who need a little extra this winter. Traditionally the Sunday of Black Friday weekend is our biggest day of business, so this coming Sunday, 26th November, we will be donating 5% of our turnover to a charity close to our hearts; Lancashire Women. 

This time of year can be incredibly tough for everybody, especially families and single mothers. With bills rising and temperatures falling, women can often feel lost or alone. Lancashire Women strive to break down these barriers, and give women all over the country a hub to turn to. To name a few of the incredible things that they do; they offer beds to the homeless, provide food for those in need and support victims of abuse. Lancashire Women is open to all women, for whatever reason that brings them to the door.

Find Out More About The Work They Do

We are still open for business and we appreciate each and every order we receive. We hope that you understand our reasoning for not participating in the sales. By shopping with us this coming Sunday, you can help us to contribute to the wonderful work undertaken by the Lancashire Women Organisation. We hope this small gesture goes some way to helping their cause and bring joy to those who find themselves in a dark place this Christmas.

As our company grows, we hope to increase our donation and thus our positive impact year by year.

We urge everybody to give back where they can this Christmas.


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