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Curating Your Christmas Heirloom Collection

Silver Mushroom Christmas Heirloom Collection Setting With Light House And Vase

The final month of the year is fast approaching. So, it’s finally time for the annual unboxing and dusting down of your Christmas decorations. Your favourite Christmas song lulls in the background, and all is calm. Until you open your box to find a mismatched clash of bright Christmas decorations. Suddenly your Christmas cheer has come to a slight halt. Whilst you couldn’t imagine your festive season without your grandma’s 30 year-old red-hatted gonk, there’s a wonderful way to weave your favourite trinkets into a carefully curated Christmas Heirloom Collection. By definition an Heirloom Collection consists of treasures of special value handed down from one generation to the next. Therefore, it simply wouldn’t be one without your grandma’s gonk. But where do you go from there?

As always, we at Silver Mushroom never want to promote thoughtless over-buying. We encourage creating a timeless collection of considered and cherished keepsakes. With that in mind, here’s how to invest in the joy of adding small elements to your Christmas Heirloom Collection.

Effortlessly Harmonise The Old With The New 

Mixing Christmas antiques with new decorations can highlight the uniqueness of your sentimental decor. This means that your traditions won’t get lost, but be highlighted in a beautiful way. A touch of neutral collectables will always perfectly find their place in your collection. Add a touch of rustic decor to your Christmas collection with the Silver Mushroom Wooden Candle Holder.

Beyond colour palette, the styling – as always – is the most important element. Displaying traditional ornaments under cake domes with an addition of lighting or greenery exudes charm, and makes your favourite trinkets a stunning focal point. 

Alternatively, antique heirloom vases or bowls can be filled with seasonal stems, or fruits. For those of you who are new home-owners starting a collection from scratch, investing in a natural vase or centrepiece is a flawless way to transition through seasons within your home, not just at Christmas. A tell-tale sign of the welcoming of a crisp winter or fresh spring, are seasonal plants, displayed effortlessly within your home. 

Christmas Tree Heirloom Collection

Christmas Heirloom Collections of course cannot exist without a box dedicated to your tree. Decorating the tree, whilst being the marker of the start of Christmas for many, can be overwhelming, particularly for first time home owners, or first time tree decorators!

Creating And Perfecting Your Christmas Tree Heirloom Collection:

1. Build a theme or a colour scheme:

Anyone who loves home styling as much as we do, will know that Pinterest is your key to building your heirloom theme or colour scheme. Whilst a colourful Christmas tree might be to your taste, creating a natural or neutral base will allow your colour scheme to be timeless and continue to captivate each and every year that passes. 

2. Lights 

Invest in lights that will complement your chosen colour scheme; even the most carefully curated collection can be spoilt by yellow flashing lights.

3. Balance classics with colours 

If you can’t imagine your tree without reds and greens, mix your neutral decorations with your favourite colourful classics. When it comes to dressing the tree, tuck in larger baubles in and hang smaller ones on the outside for a seamless layered look. 

4. Tree Traditions

Christmas heirlooms and traditions undeniably go hand-in-hand and dressing your tree is the perfect time to bring new traditions into your festive season. Whether it’s your first or fifteenth Christmas together, topping your tree together is a tradition that shouldn’t be missed. And there’s no Christmas heirloom more magical than a star that’s been passed down through generations. But, there’s alway a new tradition to be made. Perhaps try adding a new tree decoration every year to mark another magical year together in your home.

Ambient Lighting 

One thing that never changes at Christmas is the desire to create a cosy, festive atmosphere in each corner of every room. That makes natural, ambient lighting the finishing touch to your Christmas Heirloom Collection. From hand-crafted light houses, to illuminating snowy villages, dressing up your mantelpiece with a selection of different glows is guaranteed to bring the magic to your collection.

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