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Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide Scences Alang Alang Collection

Welcome, fellow last minute gift shopper. Whilst you may be here in a frantic attempt to tick all the names off your gift list, you need not be in a flurry. You are not alone, and all hope is not lost. Sit yourself down, get yourself a Bailey’s, and prepare to finish your Christmas shopping once and for all with our last minute Christmas gift guide. From stocking fillers to luxury gifts for the home, we’ve curated a list of thoughtful presents that don’t feel rushed.

Stocking Fillers

The key to a successful stocking is simplicity. Some people like to follow the ‘gifting rule of 5’; Something they want, something they need, something they wear, something they read, and something they don’t know they want. As simple as this sounds, without a pre-written list to Santa, ‘something they want’ could be a little ambiguous. But truth be told, I think almost everyone wants delicious scents. They’re a cosy night in essential and the final touch to any ambient environment. A foolproof gift, if I say so myself. 


For the final stocking filler touches, the only thing better than cosying up by the fire with a hot chocolate, is doing it with your new favourite mug.

Gifts Under £50

Now that we’ve covered the ‘easy’ gifts, let’s level up. Gifts for the home frequently fall under the ‘something they need’ category. With interior style being so personal and individual, it can be off-putting to buy home decor. The best way to tackle this is by opting for a natural palette and multifunctional gifts.

Gifts Under £100

The gifts for your nearest and dearest – things that your loved ones would adore, but can’t currently invest in themselves. Pulling together the finishing touches in a new home can be difficult, particularly at Christmas time. And unfortunately, sometimes deliciously snuggly throws can’t be at the top of the priority list. So, with your newly moved loved ones in mind, think about putting something special on your gift list, so they can take care of the ‘more important’ things. Between you and I, I think that a deliciously snuggly throw is ‘something they need’ and not ‘something they want’. But, each to their own…

We sure hope this last minute Christmas gift guide has made gifting a little easier for you. Whilst we may have found answers to all of your gift list questions, they’re truly useless if you leave it too late! With that in mind, here are our Christmas last guaranteed shipping dates:

18th December (2pm): Economy postage ⁠

20th December (2pm): 1st class DPD ⁠

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