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What Rebecca & Emmie Are Gifting Each Other For Christmas

Becky & Emmie on Sofa

If you’re new here, firstly, welcome. It’s nice to have you here to talk all things home decor and styling. Now that you’re here, I’ll fill you in – Rebecca is our CEO and founder, and Emmie is both Rebecca’s sister and our creative director. Between the two of them, they have undoubtedly the best insight into which of our products should be on your gift list this year. They not only know our products head to toe, but it shouldn’t shock you to hear that they know a little something about home decor.

Without further ramblings of who we are, since hopefully you’re already well acquainted, here’s what Rebecca and Emmie are thinking of gifting each other for Christmas. Fortunately Emmie’s not great at keeping secrets (she’s almost figured out who everyone has for Secret Santa already), and Rebecca doesn’t like surprises. So, not to worry, we’re not spoiling any gifts here.

What Emmie Is Gifting Rebecca

Silver Mushroom: XL White Alang Alang Sences 2200ml Diffuser

The XL Alang Alang diffuser is undeniably a staple gift for those who deserve a treat, but don’t tend to indulge themselves. Lasting several months, the XL diffuser is the gift that keeps on giving. Wherever it’s placed in the house, the aromatic scent made from the finest oils will be a constant reminder of the thoughtful gift. What’s more, Rebecca can buy refills when her diffuser runs out, or even get one as a birthday gift. It really is the gift that keeps on giving…

Silver Mushroom Label Recycled Elm Rustic Breadboard

Whilst to the untrained eye, this gift may simply seem like a breadboard, the beauty of this gift is multifunctionality. Depending on your style, this gift could be a serving platter, a tabletop display, or a wall feature. Each different use adds texture and a sense of rustic allure to each room.

Silver Mushroom Oakwood Cream Knitted Throw

This is the definition of one of those gifts that you buy for someone else, but really wish it was for you. We’re all admittedly lusting over this throw at Silver Mushroom. The Oakwood Cream Knitted Throw offers a sumptuously soft and inviting texture, making it the ideal choice for chilly evenings or lazy weekends.

What Rebecca Is Gifting Emmie

Silver Mushroom Label Large Onyx Alang Alang Sences 3 Wick Candle

As the saying goes ‘great minds think alike’. A luxury scent never fails for your loved ones, particularly when they’re packaged so beautifully. The Large Onyx Alang Alang 3 Wick Candle is a true statement piece that delivers not only a gorgeous visual but also an irresistible scent.

Silver Mushroom Label Ceramic White Dimple Table Lamp & Linen Shade

The Dimple Table Lamp is another wonderful gift that every home decor lover would adore, but isn’t necessarily on their top priority of things to buy themselves for their new home. Emmie has definitely been prioritising fresh double glazed windows in her new old house, but I’m sure she’d be overjoyed with this elegant lamp. The Dimple lamp comes with a beautifully crafted neutral-toned linen lampshade. It looks great paired in a neutral room as the white finish marries perfectly with all the soft, muted tones. And Rebecca knows better than anyone that Emmie and soft, muted tones are a match made in heaven. We don’t talk about her terracotta carpets that she’s dying to change.

Nkuku Chandani Tumbler Tall – Set Of 4

Every new old house needs a set of unique glasses. The Chandani glass tumblers have an attractive organic shape. Each tumbler is also handblown from recycled glass into this appealing irregular design. The soft, unregulated profile of the Chandani has a natural look and feel, adding a rustic element to your kitchen.

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