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How To Display Your Seasonal Bakes

Have you ever spent hours baking, only to find that you have no where to display your tasty treats afterwards? (And no, we’re not including the age old tub that has been tucked away in the depths of your kitchen cupboard). 

If so, then we are pleased to introduce our fine assortment of cake stands. Not only do they preserve the freshness of you bakes for days to come, but they make an incredibly stylish decor piece whilst they’re at it.

1. Nkuku Recycled Glass Cake Dome Stand

The recycled glass slots neatly into the mango wood base, a highly sustainable material known for its strength and durability. Whether placed on your kitchen table or side, it is a remarkable piece that will leave a long lasting impression on your guests. 

 2. Nkuku Recycled Glass Cake Dome

Nkuku also presents this stylish cake dome on a flat surface. Say goodbye to sacrificing style for freshness when it comes to your bakes – this incredible piece has got you covered on all fronts.

Nkuku Recycled Glass Cake Dome

3. House Doctor Rustic Footed Cake Stand 

This captivating cake stand boasts a stunning speckled glaze, adorned with a glossy finish that’s delightfully smooth to touch. The footed footed design allows you to proudly display your bakes at the heart of your dining or buffet table. Plus, the thoughtful dished edge serves a practical purpose, keeping those pesky crumbs neatly contained while you slice.

House Doctor Rustic Footed Cake Stand

4. Gavivi Mango Wood Cake Stand

The Gavivi mango wood tiered cake stand provides a beautifully natural and understated platform for your cakes. We’re captivated by the artisanal touches in this piece, from the meticulously hand-carved decorative edge to the elegantly simple circular handle


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