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The Science Behind Scents

Autumns arrival invites a symphony of fragrances that instantly transport us to a place of nostalgia and warmth. But what is it about these scents that captivate our senses and evoke cherished memories of the season? Let’s delve into the science of scent and the role it plays in making autumn so appealing.

The brisk, crisp, slightly sharp scent we so fondly associate with autumn is, in reality, the aroma of nature’s cycle in motion. It’s the smell of leaves, trees, and plants gently descending into decay and renewal. While this may sound melancholic, it’s in the memories we attach to this transformation that makes the season pleasurable. It’s the memories of crunching through a carpet of fallen leaves as a child, the warmth of family gatherings around an apple pie, or the aroma of a freshly brewed pumpkin spiced latte. 

Therefore, understanding the science behind scents can help you create the ideal ambiance year-round! With this being said, let’s take a look at some of our favourites scents for fall. 

1.Hello Fall Soy Candle 

hello fall

As the air turns crisp, the stove comes to life, enveloping the surroundings with the cosy scent of cinnamon, apples, and cloves. A cup of hot cider in hand, you warmly welcome the arrival of fall. Crafted using non-toxic, cruelty-free fragrance oils, this candle has the power to transport your senses to a serene autumn paradise.

2. Autumn Wreath Soy Candle 

 The warmth of apple and spice is rounded out with the zesty notes of fresh lemon, the richness of pomegranate, and the tang of cranberry. As it illuminates your space, it infuses your home with a warm and fruity aroma, making it the ideal companion for a brisk autumn evening.

3. Cinnamon Rolls Soy Candle 

he sweet frosting and buttery bread notes take you back to waking up to cinnamon rolls baking in the morning. This scent is perfect to light year round.

Our Cinnamon Rolls candle is deep and inviting. This candle transports you to a time when mornings meant waking up to the delightful aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls. The sweet notes of frosting and the rich, buttery essence of freshly baked bread come together in perfect harmony, evoking memories of cosy breakfasts spent with the family.

4. Pumpkin Spice Soy Candle

Our Pumpkin Spice candle takes you to a warm place, sipping on your favourite pumpkin spice latte while the wood burning fire glows in the distance. The delightful aroma of pumpkin, infused with the warmth of cloves, the spice of cinnamon, and the sweetness of vanilla, transports your senses to an autumnal paradise. 

5. Cozy Season Soy Candle 

Introducing our Cozy Season candle, a rich and inviting aroma that seamlessly carries you through the enchanting seasons of fall and winter. This fragrance evokes memories of crisp evenings, wrapped in warmth by the crackling fireplace. With notes of woods, comforting spices, and a hint of citrus, Cozy Season is the perfect companion to burn during the chilly months.

And there you have it, our favourite selection of autumnal scents. If you wish to check out our entire candles and diffusers range you can do so here

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