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Bring A Touch Of Coastal Grandma To Your Home

Firstly, what is the coastal grandma aesthetic? Well, the coastal grandmother look embraces all the little things that make a house feel like home — herbs on the kitchen windowsill, bowls of fruit, fresh flowers, plenty of books, cozy slipcovered furniture and an abundance of natural light. The neutral colour palette of light blues, off whites and seafoam greens make the home feel fresh and relaxed and allows you to adopt a leisurely lifestyle, even if you do not live by the coast! To help you in decorating your own home to look like a Nancy Meyers film set, we have put together a selection of products you need so you can experience the lighter way of living! 

1. Elvang Blue Organic Cotton Lyme Grass Throw

The Elvang Lyme Grass throw is immensely soft and stylish, with an elegant yet classic expression. The graphic pattern, bright stripes and fresh colours will make Lyme grass an essential companion, when winter turns into spring and life is lived in the garden and on the balcony. This throw fits perfectly with the coastal grandmother aesthetic and would look beautiful dressed on a chair or sofa. The Lyme Grass collection comes in a variety of colours, all in which will truly stand out in a light and airy room. 

2. Chic Antique Set of 2 Coffee Tables with Wooden Lid – Antique White

This dreamy set of Chic Antique coffee tables are an absolute essential in achieving the coastal grandmother look. We mean, just look at them! These unique coffee tables feature a metal basket with two handles and a removable wooden lid. The basket is perfect for using as storage around your home for blankets, throws, books, toys or logs for the fire. Style as a centrepiece in your living room and complete with your favourite candle or decor books! 

3. Salt and Sea Soy Candle In White Jar

We truly believe one of the most effective ‘finishing touches’ for your home is the scent, that is why we adore this deliciously rich Salt and Sea soy Candle. Bring the coast to you and relax as the sweet, warm sea air surrounds you. This is a perfect ‘little something’ to add a touch of cosiness to you home and it ties in perfectly with the coastal aesthetic. 

4. Silver Mushroom Label Rattan Log Basket 

This Rattan Log Basket is an ideal storage solution and sits perfectly by the fireplace. Whether you use it to store logs or linens, it’s effortlessly stylish and is a great addition to the home. We recommend this product as the coastal grandmother style often incorporates natural materials, such as seagrass or hemp in order to add a little warmth into a light, neutral room. This basket can be bought in 2 sizes and ensures to add a touch of cosiness to your home, whether you style it in a living room, bedroom or bathroom. 

5. Broste Copenhagen Nordic Sea 12pc Breakfast Set

Entertain and eat in style with the nordic sea 12 piece breakfast set from Broste Copenhagen. The nordic sea collection is inspired by the choppy nordic sea and all the pieces are a stunning blue with lines throughout the glaze. This cool toned dinnerware would marry perfectly with a neutral kitchen and bring all the coastal vibes, no matter the time or weather! 

6. Linen House Manisha Medallion Tufted Duvet Cover Set

Investing in good quality bedding is a must in our opinion, no matter what your budget, we recommend opting for the best you can afford. Good quality sheets can make for a brilliant nights sleep and are also a million times better for your hair and skin. The Linen House Manisha Medallion Tufted Duvet Cover Set features a striking artisanal banana tree design; Complete with cord piping and a taupe reverse. It is pretty and elegant and the tufted print adds texture, allowing it stand out in a neutral room. This set makes for the perfect blank canvas and so let your creativity run wild and layer with a selection of scatter cushions and throws! Take a look here to shop all soft furnishings. 

7. Decor Book – Scandi Rustic: Creating A Cozy & Happy Home

As we mentioned at the beginning of the blog, this aesthetic evolves around all the little things that make a house a home! Decor books are a great addition to the room, whether they are displayed on a console or stacked on a book case. Alongside being a great and read, it is a stylish accessory, great for filling any blank spaces that may need a ‘little something’. 

8. Nkuku Noko Wicker Dome Pendant

We love statement ceiling lights, especially if you have high ceilings, as having a large and interesting pendant light can ground the room. The Noko Wicker Pendant makes your lighting a focal point and the soft ambient glow makes the room appear warm and inviting – and well, who doesn’t want that?  The natural wicker complements a neutral room like no other and provides the perfect balance. The curved shape of this stunning shade proves the maxim that beauty is often found in simplicity and it is just that beautiful I can guarantee you will struggle not putting one in every room!  

9.SMEG 50’s Retro Style Espresso Machine White


Calling all my coffeeholics! Prepare authentic espressos, cappuccinos and lattes from the comfort of your own home with the ECF01 espresso machine. Using freshly ground coffee will bring out the inner barista in you, whilst filling your home with that rich coffee scent we all know and love. Whether you are crazy for an early morning coffee or after one when snuggling up on the sofa after work, this machine is perfect for you! Theres no need to hide this one In your cupboard- its pretty and elegant and is the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen side. 

10.Natural Look Olive Tree in Clay Pot

Now we all love our neutrals, but sometimes stepping away and adding some greenery is the way of making your room feel complete. For a relaxed and comforting environment, greenery provides a pleasing and endearing sight that relaxes and comforts everyone living around it. It is the perfect way to freshen up and accessorise your home so you can step back and say “done”. We recommend this natural olive tree that features a short trunk and vast crown with numerous slim branches and and beautiful cluster of silver-green leaves. Peppered with small life-like purple olives, this gorgeous olive tree is barely recognisable as a faux plant.

So there you have it, all of our favourite products that will help you achieve the coastal grandmother aesthetic. We hope you found this guide useful and love the style as much as we do. Be sure to let us know in the comments if so and we cannot wait to see how you put your own personal touch on this! 

Best Wishes, Poppy x 


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