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5 Reasons Baking Is Good For Your Mental Health

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If you’re reading this blog, we’re assuming you are a fellow baker. 

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why do I love it so much? Sure we all love the yummy treats that one produces whilst baking but why do we long for it when we’re feeling a little blue? 

Long day at work? Scones. 

The kids have been a nightmare all week? Brownies.

Hungover? Fairy Cakes. 

We thought it was time we did a little research into the whole topic. Is baking good for you mental health? We found these interesting 5 reasons why it in fact is!

Baking Increases Concentration 

Often when you’re having a down day it can be difficult to focus on anything, we find ourselves floundering and the downward spiral gets worse and worse until you hit rock bottom. Sound familiar? Well, this is where baking can break that downward spiral and bring you back up to the surface again. According to the online therapist Push Doctor, following a simple step by step recipe is not only easy to focus on as it’s broken into bite sized chunks but can also improve your mental concentration. Applying the mindfulness that you use when baking to your everyday life can make a huge difference in how your feeling. 

Baking Helps Reduce Stress

Mary Berry once said ‘There are few better ways to let of steam than kneading.’ and we’re inclined to agree. Unleashing all of your pent up frustration on a ball of home-made dough can work wonders for clearing your mind after a stressful day. The best part is, nobody is judging you and you get a delicious loaf at the end of it. Win win. 

Baking Helps You Stay In Control

Similarly to the previous point on concentration, following a recipe is a very methodical task and can have an incredibly positive effect on how you’re feeling up top. As baking is a science and each step must be followed precisely you are in total control of the batter and the whole process. Lot’s of bakers have reported this feeling of regaining control as the sole reason they bake in the first place!

Baking Improves Your Motor Functions

Simply put, Motor Functions are how well we make and control movements. Baking is very hands on and often involves you getting you hands dirty, beating, whisking, separating eggs, you name it. These physical steps help the baker to exercise their creative muscles which are a vital piece of the mental health pie. 

Baking Encourages Mindfulness 

One of the many benefits of baking is the almost meditative effect it can have on the baker. The focus and calmness involved in the process are similar to those undertaken when practising meditation. The actions are found to reduce stress, anxiety and even depression. 


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