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Here’s an egg-cellent kitchen hack!

Have your eggs been in the fridge for a while? Not sure whether they’re okay to eat? Don’t worry, it happens to the best! Instead of throwing them away, there’s a simple technique that anyone can use to test whether their eggs are good or bad!

Simply, place the egg in a bowl of cold water.

A good egg will sink to the bottom. A bad egg will float on the surface.

Here’s the sciency bit

The shell of an egg isn’t as simple as it looks, actually, it’s pretty complex! It has thousands of tiny pores to allow oxygen to enter and carbon dioxide to leave. However, this means that bacteria can also enter the egg and start decaying the matter inside if it’s left for too long…YUK!

This creates a smelly gas called Hydrogen Sulfide, which builds up inside the egg and causes it to float (a bit like a balloon).


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