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Latte Art Made Easy

Due to popular demand, we have put together a super simple way to create perfect Latte Art, time and time again. Gone are the days of splodging your foam into a shot of espresso and calling it a ‘posh coffee’. 

We thought this simple method would help you to wow your friends post-lockdown for your outdoor catch-up coffees! We recommend our SMEG Espresso Machine for any sort of latte art. Not only does it look stunning but its barista like functions enable coffee-shop standard coffees with very little effort. It even has a steam wand for the perfect smooth foam.

This simple method will give you perfect barista style lattes from the comfort of your very own home. We swear by our SMEG Espresso Machine to create the perfect espresso & steamed milk combo. ⁠

What you’ll need? ⁠
⁠ – A good quality espresso (We use Illy Espresso Ground Beans, purchase here
– 300ml of cold Milk 
– A Milk Jug ⁠
⁠- A SMEG Espresso Machine (Purchase here)

1. Place the milk into the steamer jug. Put the steamer wand to the bottom of the jug and turn on the steam, lower the jug over and over keeping the wand below 1cm from the top of the milk. The bubbles should stay small, creating a smooth, creamy foam. Once heated through, turn off the wand.⁠

2. Give your milk jug a few taps on the counter and swirl the milk around to remove the bigger bubbles. ⁠

3. Pour your favourite espresso into a coffee cup. Tilt the coffee cup to 45 degrees, holding the milk jug 20-30cm away, pour the milk into the centre of the espresso cup. ⁠

4. When the cup is 3/4 full start to wiggle the milk jug side to side as you pour, you should notice white circles appear. When the cup is almost full pour the milk from one side to the other through the centre. ⁠

5. Voila, the perfect barista latte! ⁠

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