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Pitcher Perfect Cocktails

Summer is on it’s way, and with it comes garden parties, barbecues and lazy warm evenings entertaining friends. And I use the term “lazy” loosely, because we all know that being the best host you can be to your friends and family, is no easy feat. Cooking, serving, socialising and being charmingly engaging, all whilst making sure nobody’s drink is in dire need of a refill, can really take it out of you.
We all love to share fabulous new recipes with friends, and fresh cocktail recipes are perfect for summer dining, especially the particularly fruity kind (see, we even take into account your five, sorry….seven, a day!), but the problem is, it can take so long to shake up just one cocktail, you’d need a full on mixologist even to just have cocktail hour at your next garden party. So, what can you do? Serve up beer and cola and let the guests help themselves, of course! Or not…..

Kilner have recently introduced one of their most stunning products yet, the 8 Litre Drinks Dispenser (yes, you have heard of it, we’ve been going on about nothing but for the last three months but hey, ho! We just cannot get enough of it!). The dispenser is a fabulous twist on Kilner’s iconic design classic. It is shaped like a Kilner jar, has an airtight, clip top lid like a Kilner jar, an orange rubber seal like a Kilner jar, and the Kilner logo embossed across the front of the glass… a Kilner jar. The difference? It’s freaking massive and it has a tap! Yes, this is the answer to your prayers about how to serve up cocktails in large quantities. It is also the answer to your prayers about showing off to friends and neighbours. This statement piece is sure to do a lot of good in the home accessory oneupmanship stakes!
Jokes aside though, this is a fantastic party product to have, and you can put any drink you choose in it. One thing we did notice recently though, is that to make a pitcher of cocktails to serve at a party involves different processes than making one cocktail. So we decided to share some knowledge (someone else’s knowledge) with you, and seek out some tasty pitcher cocktails that will look gorgeous in a Kilner Dispenser, whilst adding a little oomph to your party with their fresh, unique tastes. And the best part? Your guests can serve themselves, freeing you up to chat about how fabulous your massive Kilner jar is! Or you can get on with the cooking….
The recipes are all from other sources on the internet, which will be cited. If you need to make more, just double or treble the quantities to make whatever you need.
The first recipe we want to share, is a Strawberry Basil Margarita. This sweet refreshing cocktail is from


The second recipe we have is for a classic mojito from, but pitcher style which can be served in the dispenser. Just fill your glass with ice and open the tap!!




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